I'll Make Sure To Keep My Distance

Let's get this straight okay? My name is Christina Marshall and I used to be bestfriends with Harry Styles. I know all of you are going to go crazy when I tell you this but Harry and I are not friends anymore. My father had cancer and we couldn't cure it. He died a month later and I shut out everybody from my life. I know your thinking that this is going to be a sappy romance but it's not. Harry is in a relationship with Taylor Swift so really I'm just a girl that Harry will meet and leave. It's been almost 2 years since my father has died and I'm 18. I'm going to college in London. I have gray eyes, dark blonde hair, rosy cheeks, long legs & a mid-length torso.


2. Picture Time!


Chapter 1 

(Christina's pov) 

I got out of the car and was greeted by Ted, the top of management. I shook his hand and he showed me the boys. "Boys this is Christina your photographer. Don't flirt with her." Ted told the guys. All the boys looked up and walked over to greet me as on the other hand Harry looked up then back at his phone. Typical Harry. I just sighed and greeted all the other boys. Ted told me what pictures he wanted and how he wanted them to look. I set up my camera and started to take test shots. "Christina is that really you?" I heard a voice ask, Harry's voice.

"Yes it's really me" I reply and continue to take test shots of some trees and the sun beaming down. "I miss you" Harry tells me and I feel the clump in my throat. I prevented myself from crying and said "me two". Really I could care less for Harry but it has been 2 years and I did miss him a bit. My camera was totally okay for the pictures and I told Harry to get in the position Ted wanted him and the boys to be in. The boys posed and didn't complain at all when I took the pictures. "Baby! I've missed you" I heard a voice yell about 5 feet from behind me.

It was Taylor Swift. She ran past me but bumped hard into me which made me drop the camera and I heard a little shatter. No. I looked at the camera and the lens was all cracked and messed up. "Great" I mumbled to myself. I put the camera down and walked up to Ted. "Um Ted. Taylor made me drop the camera and the lens is completely broken. I don't have any backup with me. I'm sorry" I told him and he started stomping over to Harry and Taylor. "Hi T-" "Drop it. You made our photographer drop her camera and now we can't continue the shoot because her camera is completely broken. I need you to leave now or I will not allow you to marry Harry" Ted said in a angry tone. I was picking up my camera and the bag for it when Taylor pushed me down.

"Hey what was that for" I asked. "For you making Ted pull off my engagement with Harry. Bitch" she snarled at me. "Taylor stop" Liam said. "No it's fine Liam." I say giving him a faint smile. "It's not my fault you and Harry aren't getting married anymore. If you didn't bump into me then my camera wouldn't have dropped" I said in a hushed tone. Harry walked over. "Taylor just leave it alone" Harry said trying to calm her down. "No we are over" Taylor yelled at him and walked away. "I'm sorry" I choked out. "It's my fault. Don't blame yourself" Harry said helping me up. I put my stuff in my bag and apologised to the boys. Harry asked for my number so I gave it to him.

I told the boys bye and went up to Ted. "I'll email you the pictures I had taken already. And honestly it's okay she uh dropped my camera." "Okay Christina. I'm sorry your camera is broken. We'll pay for the damage" "oh it's fine. I have way more money than I need. When my dad died of cancer almost 2 years ago, he gave me all of his things. I don't know who my mom is because she ran away when I was a baby" I say as a tear slid down my cheek. "I'm so sorry Christina. I didn't mean to bring back those memories. I'm sorry" Ted told me as he hugged me.

"It's okay. I mean we couldn't cure it because it was a rare form of cancer" I said. I wiped my tears away after Ted hugged me. I gave my final goodbyes and walked to my car. "Christina" Harry said. "Yes harry?" I replied. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you these past 2 years. I just didn't know what to do." Harry told me. "Your sorry. After my dad died you didn't even check on me at all. May I remind you that you found a girlfriend and went on tour. You didn't save me when Jake forced me to sleep with him, you didn't save me when girls told me I was nothing & you didn't save me when all I needed was you. 2 years ago I was about to tell you how I felt but then my dad died and you went on tour. Not to mention how you were going to get married to Taylor" I say as an angry tear slid down my cheek. "Jake forced you? I should of been there and I'm sorry I wasn't. I was scared you wouldn't love me"

"Scared I wouldn't love you. Harry you were all I had besides my dad. But after he died you left me. You left with people who didn't know you as much as me. You left me with nothing. I don't know my mom still and you promised you would help me find her. You promised but you left. YOU LEFT ME" I say back. I get in my Mercedes and drive off. How could I be so stupid? How?


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