I'll Make Sure To Keep My Distance

Let's get this straight okay? My name is Christina Marshall and I used to be bestfriends with Harry Styles. I know all of you are going to go crazy when I tell you this but Harry and I are not friends anymore. My father had cancer and we couldn't cure it. He died a month later and I shut out everybody from my life. I know your thinking that this is going to be a sappy romance but it's not. Harry is in a relationship with Taylor Swift so really I'm just a girl that Harry will meet and leave. It's been almost 2 years since my father has died and I'm 18. I'm going to college in London. I have gray eyes, dark blonde hair, rosy cheeks, long legs & a mid-length torso.


3. Lies To Keep Safe


(Harry's pov) 

"Christina" I said. "Yes harry?" she replied. "I'm sorry I wasn't there for you these past 2 years. I just didn't know what to do." I said. "Your sorry. After my dad died you didn't even check on me at all. May I remind you that you found a girlfriend and went on tour. You didn't save me when Jake forced me to sleep with him, you didn't save me when girls told me I was nothing & you didn't save me when all I needed was you. 2 years ago I was about to tell you how I felt but then my dad died and you went on tour. Not to mention how you were going to get married to Taylor" she said as an angry tear slid down her cheek.

"Jake forced you? I should of been there and I'm sorry I wasn't. I was scared you wouldn't love me" "Scared I wouldn't love you. Harry you were all I had besides my dad. But after he died you left me. You left with people who didn't know you as much as me. You left me with nothing. I don't know my mom still and you promised you would help me find her. You promised but you left. YOU LEFT ME" she said and drove off. I felt so crushed.

She loved me and I left her. I couldn't help her. And end ex forced her to sleep with him. I know she didn't want to lose her v-card yet. How could I be so stupid. I'm glad me and Taylor are over because now I can chase my dreams. I can get her back. I love her so I have to get her back. I have to.

(Christina's pov) 

I got home shortly. I couldn't process what jut happened. Harry confessed his love for me and I did to but then we just fought so I left. I was crying still. I miss him so much. It kills me to think about him. I grabbed my bag and got out of my car. I put my keys in the lock and unlocked my door. Once I got inside I kicked off my shoes. I got the card out of the camera and put it in my laptop. I checked out all of the photos and picked out ones I thought Ted would like. I sent the pictures to Ted when my phone went off. Unknown number. I picked it up.

"Hello" "Hi Christina it's me Harry" "yes Harry. Why did you call?" "I miss you and I still love you. I just can't live without you" Harry told me. I started crying. "Don't cry Christina. Please don't cry" "I'm sorry Harry for fighting with you and getting upset but I can't talk to you anymore my aunt told me I needed to stop talking with you" I lied for the second half but it is true I was sorry. "Oh well just remember that I l-I miss you" "me two. Bye Harry" "bye" Harry said and I knew he was hurt. I checked my email and Ted sent me an email.

It read "Christina these are great. I'm sorry about the camera. If you need to talk, please contact me. I will always be there for you. Lets stay in touch. Ted", I was happy because e like them yet sad because I couldn't go to Ted if I had a problem because Harry would be there. I responded to Ted telling him we could keep in touch and how I would love to meet up soon. I turned off my laptop and went to the living room to watch TV.



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