Prom With Harry Styles

When Alli has to redo everything for prom since it all burned down, she is paired with the badboy of school. Harry Styles. Harry was kicked out of the band but when Alli turns his world the right way up the band wants him back. How will he tell her? Especially after they created prom together. Not to mention they WENT to Prom together. Will they're love heat up or cool down? Both 18 year olds must find a way to live on. Through heart-break, ups, downs, love, tears & hate, follow their love story as they continue the fire or as they go down hill. Read on!


1. Harry Styles, the Bad Boy


(Alli's pov) 

I was putting up a poster for Prom when my friends walked up to me. "Has he asked you yet?" Rachel asked with excitement in her voice. "No. But there's more time. I still have 3 weeks." I told her as I was holding the box of posters. "Your right. He has got to ask you" she replied.

I released a sigh at the thought of him not asking me. "Oh look he's coming. We better go" Rachel said as she dragged Michelle and herself away. I giggled to myself as Robert walked behind me. "Hey Alli. I should put posters up in the cafeteria" Robert said as he grabbed some posters and walked away.

I just sighed as I walked to my locker. I put the remainder of the posters in my locker as I grabbed my things for Science. The bell rang right when I passed Harry Styles, the boy who always skips class, who always gets detention.

I didn't even glance at him as I entered the class room. I took my usual seat in the front row in between Rachel & Michelle. The whole class period was boring and I couldn't wait to get out of there as quick as possible.

During break the rest of Prom committee helped me put all the decorations in the little shack. "Alli I was wondering if I could ask you something about Prom?" Robert asked as I closed the shack. Yes he's finally going to ask me. "Yeah. Go ahead" "I was wondering if we could carpool together" he asked and I suddenly didn't feel like saying yes but knowing me I had to accept.

"Totally. I wasn't expecting to go with anyone so yeah we can carpool" I told him and I forced a smile. "Great so see ya" Robert said as he walked away. *the next day* I walked to the shed and everything was burned down to ashes.

I immediately made my way to Mr. Jene. "Mr. Jene everything is ruined and nobody can help me. What are we going to do?" I asked him. Suddenly Harry Styles rode into school on his motorcycle. Seriously why now?

"Oh Alli um hold on" Mr. Jene said as he walked away. Ughh. "Harry Styles you are going to help Alli redo all prom decorations and if they aren't the ways she accepts you can forget about graduation" "What? No" we both said in unison. The rest of the day was horrible and I didn't want to redo all the decorations.

As I was bringing a box down stairs Harry finally came. "We start everyday at 3" was all I said as I continued to move boxes. "Sorry miss perfect I just don't like prom so don't be all up tight" he snapped at me. "Well sorry you think I'm perfect. Sorry but your an hour late and prom is in 3 weeks. I don't like having to redo everything so chill. It's not my fault your band kicked you out since supposedly your the "bad boy" of school" I spat out.

"Whatever" "Just move those boxes to the corner" I told Harry. I still couldn't get his cute British accent and cute curls out of my head. Not to mention his gorgeous green eyes. After we did more work we left at 5:30pm. *later at home* "Yeah mom he's just a conceded jerk who doesn't care about anything. Not to mention he blames everyone that his band kicked him out. I mean he used to be the sweetest boy who everyone would fall for and now he's this jerk" I told her as we cleaned up the dishes for dinner.

"Well sweetie I'm pretty sure that soon he won't be able to resist your gorgeous brown curly hair and beautiful blue eyes" she told me trying to cheer me up. "I'm just going to go to bed" I say as I walk up the stairs. "Okay goodnight love!" Mum said as I walked up the stairs.

Even thought it was only 7:30 pm I was ready to go to bed. I turned the shower on warm as I slipped out of my clothes. I stepped into the arm shower and let my stress fade away. After my shower I brushed my teeth and got dressed in a black tank top and checkered night shorts. I climbed into bed and put my headphones on. I started to fall asleep to the music of The Pretty Reckless. Then I fell into a deep, peaceful sleep. Or so I thought.

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