Prom With Harry Styles

When Alli has to redo everything for prom since it all burned down, she is paired with the badboy of school. Harry Styles. Harry was kicked out of the band but when Alli turns his world the right way up the band wants him back. How will he tell her? Especially after they created prom together. Not to mention they WENT to Prom together. Will they're love heat up or cool down? Both 18 year olds must find a way to live on. Through heart-break, ups, downs, love, tears & hate, follow their love story as they continue the fire or as they go down hill. Read on!


2. Can't I Get Some Sleep


(Harry's pov) 

I decided that I wanted to apologise to Alli so I got my nerves up and went to her house. The house wasn't super big, which seemed weird since her parents made tons of money. I knocked on the door and a woman in her mid 40's opened the door, her smile turning into a frown.

"Uh hi can I talk to Alli?" I ask, my voice cracking. "Sure. If you dare hurt her I will sue you and you can kiss your life goodbye. First door on the left once you get to the top of the stairs." Alli's mother said as she let me in. I walked up the stairs and knocked on her door. "Mum. Can't I get some sleep?" Alli yelled through her door. "Uh sorry I could uh talk tomorrow." I said. I heard footsteps and then her door opened. "What would you like to talk about?" Alli asked. Her curls shining and her eyes sparkling.

"I'm here to apologise. I'm sorry for being such a jerk. I really am" "Thanks Harry but you shouldn't be here. My dad will be back soon and he hates your guts. I mean if he sees you here talking to me in this" she said motioning to her booty short night bottoms and black tank top. "Well just to tell you again. I'm sorry" I whispered in her ear. My lips brushing against her neck as I moved away.

2 weeks later(sorry for big time skip. Major things happening soon so ya)! 


"Come on I have a surprise" I told Alli as I put a blindfold on her. "What?! Seriously you didn't have to"Alli replied as I put her on the passengers side of her car. I got into the drivers seat and turned in the ignition. After 15 minutes of driving we arrived!

I got her a appointment at her favourite dress shop so she could by a dress for prom. I wasn't really expecting to go but I hope she is still happy with the dress. "Ah Mr. Styles and ma'dam please follow me this way" the receptionist said as they saw us enter the shop. "Harry what are we doing?" Alli asked as I helped guide her to the back since she was still blindfolded. "And we're here" I said as I slipped the blindfold off.

(Alli's pov) 

I nearly screeched with excitement as Harry slipped my blindfold off. He got me an appointment at "Rochelle's Dress Shop", the most fancy dress shop in LA. "Thank you so much Harry. I mean it" I said to Harry and smiled.

I tried on 3 dresses before Harry found me the perfect one. It was a gold type colour dress that was sleeveless. It had a silk type skirt bottom and a heart shaped rim on the chest area. The dress had a low back and went down to just above my knees.

"It's perfect. The gold pendant we have will match perfect with this dress." the lady who was helping us said as I twirled for Harry to see. "Oh well I don't need the pendant. With the price of this dress I'll just have to use a gold necklace from home. But thank you" I said as I walked back into the changing room.

*later that week, a day before prom. Harry's pov* Alli's father came to my work and talked to me about leaving Alli alone after prom. I really liked her and she's been helping me become nicer and better at opening up to people.

The band called yesterday and they said they wanted to meet up with me soon. I guess it would be nice to see them after a while. Especially since I've been better at being a human being because if Alli.

"Hey Harry I was wondering if you could turn the fountain on tomorrow night since you worked so hard on it. I thought you could have the honours" she said as she walked towards me. "I'm just here to get my stuff. You really thought I was going tomorrow night. I'm not so I guess I'm done here" "But what about what you achieved. What about us?" Alli asked. "What us? There is no us. I'm not going tomorrow so bye" I said as I walked out. My curls bouncing as I stomped out of the auditorium with my things.

(Alli's pov) 

He just left. Like I didn't mean a thing to him. He was going back to his old self. I really thought he changed, but I guess not. I let some tears escape my eyes as I cleaned up everything before I left. When I was home I didn't even eat dinner I just went straight to my room. I locked the door and fell onto my bed.

I pulled my dress out of my closet and held it in my hands. I sat on my bed and cried for a couple hours. Even though it was the start of my weekend, I wanted to go back in time to fix Harry and me. Everyone was happy for prom, but am I?

Prom is going to suck.

Why would Harry do that to me? I mean even after we almost kissed, I met his sister and mum, we seemed so happy, but no Harry can't be a nice gentlemen. Harry is a conceded jerk, a twat. What am I supposed to do. I'm falling for him. Hard. I'm falling hard.


Cliffhanger!:( It gets better. You'll see. And I'm not trying to make Harry seem bad so please don't get offended.

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Love KK! ❤����✌Until next update, xoxo. Enjoy! Oh and remember this is ALL ORIGINAL so please don't copy right. Thnx!

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