Dear Invisible

Hi I'm Kara. Well as other people see me as "bulimice". I have been bullied starting in 6th grade. I run the advice column in my high schools newspaper. I was in math when I noticed a new teacher. He was so young yet curiosity took over me and I needed to know more about him which led to me and his 18 year old son from One Direction to meet and fall in love?


5. The Death Call


Reminder: Harry is famous in this and his father is Kara's math teacher. This is a really sad chapter. It was hard for me to write. Please vote and comment. Enjoy! :(  


(Kara's pov) 

"I'm coming home. Im coming home. Tell the world I'm coming home. Let the rain wash away all the pain from yesterday. And now my kingdom awaits. I know they'll forgive my mistakes. I'm coming home. Tell the world I'm coming home." I replayed those lyrics in my head the whole time Jake hit or punched me. I was covered in bruises and I had more forming.

After Jake let me go(after he abused me in this abandoned house and kept me there for an hour or two) I walked outside. The sun blinding me. I was in so much pain. If I could jut die, I would. I knew nobody cared about me. I mean they could of herd me screaming for help or they could of followed me to the place and helped me out, but nobody did. I was a failure. I knew the way back to the school so I walked the few blocks.

I hummed the song Coming Home as I walked to the school. I didn't know what time it was. I got back to school 10 minutes after I started walking. School was still going on so I walked into the building. My hair was a wreck and my makeup was smeared from crying. Not to mention all the bruises and red marks. I also had cuts from Jake.

I made my way to my locker and my breathing slowed down a lot. It was hard for me to breathe. Pains kept shooting threw my body. I opened my locker and got my bag. I dropped the bag on the floor and as I was closing my locker a big pain was in my stomach and I heard a gun shot.

I touched my stomach and felt blood. I was shot. I screamed in pain as I fell to the floor. Mr. Styles' classroom was the closest so he stepped out of the room. Harry was behind him. "Kara!" he screamed out as he ran to me. There was tears pouring out of my eyes. Harry started crying. My breathing was slowing down really fast. I heard some teachers yelling for help. Then my breathing stopped. I was lifeless.

(Harry's pov) 

Kara's breathing stopped. I checked for a pulse and she didn't have one. Her heart stopped. I had her head on my lap as my tears dripped down my face. There was a pool of blood underneath Kara and I. She was gone. I closed her eyelids. She was gone. I failed to save her. I love her.

I always have. I heard some sirens and I heard a woman scream. She was crying. "Kara" she screamed as she got down to Kara. "No. You can't be gone. I and lose you. Your parents would of wanted you to live your whole life. I can't believe I didn't help you. I'm so sorry." She cried out. I'm guessing this woman was her aunt.

Kara was the best thing. The guys were all here. So when they heard me scream her name they followed me out. They all knew how much I love her and how perfect she was to me. The paramedics put her on a stretcher and asked me questions. So many questions. I told them everything I knew. Including Jake. Kara's aunt got into the ambulance an they closed the doors. The lights and siren were going off so Kara was still alive. I had a bit of hope just to know I could see her again. To talk to her. I love her but I failed to save her.

Paparazzi was already taking pictures and jumping to conclusions. I hate paparazzi so much. I hope Kara is alright. I really do. It's my fault if she dies. I mean I could of followed this Jake guy but I didn't. Ughhhhhhh. I hate myself so much right now.

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