Dear Invisible

Hi I'm Kara. Well as other people see me as "bulimice". I have been bullied starting in 6th grade. I run the advice column in my high schools newspaper. I was in math when I noticed a new teacher. He was so young yet curiosity took over me and I needed to know more about him which led to me and his 18 year old son from One Direction to meet and fall in love?


2. Protective Harry


(Kara's pov) 

In math we found out more about Mr. Styles. He has a son who is in a big boy band and got divorced with his wife. He told us that someone was going to visit after we took a test. It was a little pop quiz that I knew all the answers for. I knew I would easily ace the test.

I was one of the smartest in my math period. Suddenly a boy who looked around my age walked into the classroom. Girls started freaking out and I just took down notes from the board. "Anorexissa is at it again. Look at how nerdy she is. I mean she can't even dress like a normal kid" a popular yelled out to the class. I just couldn't take it anymore.

I gabbed all my books and stuffed them in my bag and ran out of the class room. I ran to my locker putting away stuff I didn't need. I started to cry. I just couldn't keep acting like I didn't care because I really did. "Are you okay?" the boy who visited math asked me.

He had tamed but really cute curls, beautiful green eyes & a sexy British accent. I wiped the tears away and looked up my light green eyes meeting his darker green eyes. "Yeah. I'm used to it. You don't have to be here." I told him. "I want to. My name is Harry Styles and I'm in the band One Direction" Harry said to me. "I'm Kara Evans' I told him back.

"And I'm just a Highschooler. So you really don't need to watch me cry. But if you do. Thank you" I spoke. Harry sat next to me and I started telling him about my parents and all the bullying. And after what seemed like forever Harry told me that I was beautiful and that I shouldn't have gotten all the hate.

I felt like I could be myself around Harry. Like I wasn't going to be betrayed or hurt by him. Like he was a prince rescuing me from the tallest tower. I put my head on his shoulder as Harry out his arm around my shoulders. Suddenly the bell rang.

Shit. All the fans. I took Harry's hand and ran to math class. Mr. Styles was giving a lecture to the class about bullying and how he won't tolerate it. And how they should apologize. Then I let go of Harry's hand and walked in the class.

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