Dear Invisible

Hi I'm Kara. Well as other people see me as "bulimice". I have been bullied starting in 6th grade. I run the advice column in my high schools newspaper. I was in math when I noticed a new teacher. He was so young yet curiosity took over me and I needed to know more about him which led to me and his 18 year old son from One Direction to meet and fall in love?


4. Poundless Kara


(Kara's pov)

It's been a week since I stormed out of school. Harry hasn't even bothered to find me because I always walk by school and I see Harry kissing girls. I honestly didn't care anymore. I decided I would be brave and go to school. I put on jeans, a shirt that said "You are beautiful no madder what they say", a black jacket and white converse. I looked a lot skinnier over the past week because I couldn't eat or I would get sick.

I grabbed my backpack and phone as I said goodbye to my aunt. I rode my bike to school and surprisingly I got to school super early so I thought I would talk to my teachers. I was wearing my glasses today and my hair was up in a tight ponytail. I went to Mr. Styles' class first since I thought I owed him an apology. "Mr. Styles" I said as I got into the class. "Kara! I thought you would never come back. Please come in" he told me.

I saw Harry sleeping on a desk in the back of the room. I giggled to myself and walked up to my teacher. I smiled and my left dimple showed. When I got up to my teacher he slapped me across the face. "Ow" I yelled. "Why did you do that?" I asked, tears streaming down my face. "Dad" I heard a yell and flinched. "Why did you hit her?" Harry asked in a mad tone stepping in front of me. "She purposely left so she didn't have detention. She has drooped at least 10 pounds and she is failing math" he said in a calm voice.

"You just don't hit her. She didn't do anything to you" Harry yelled. "You didn't stand up for me before so why do it now?" I asked. I turned away and started to walk away. I was walking out when I saw Hannah standing in front of me. My face was already bruised I didn't need anymore pain. "Kara your Invisible the newspaper writer for Dear Invisible right?" "Yeah" "Cool I just want you to know that you need to stay away from Harry and any boys at this school. You'll cause to must drama. Get it?" "Yes" I say and walk to my locker.

A hand is pulled on my wrist and I turn around. Harry looks at my face and leans into kiss me. I don't pull back or give in. I just stand there shocked. "Kara I told you to stay away. I thought I made myself clear" she yelled. I pulled back and told Hannah that I didn't start it but she didn't believe me. She pushed me against my locker but Harry pulled me away from her and held me protectively.

(Harry's pov) 

Kara looked so sad and I couldn't take it. "Hannah stop being mean to her. She's way better than you. I would rather date her than you at any time. She's beautiful and caring and smart" I spat out. "Wow Harry how could you lie to her like that. She needs to know the truth. Right baby? She needs to know that we're together" Hannah said facing tot wards Kara. "Your dating h-her?" Kara asked. She looked so sad and angry.

"What no. I don't like her. Please just listen to me" I beefed Kara. "No why should I? Hannah is always right about me. I'm worthless and I'm most likely anorexic and I'm just stupid." She said and walked away. "I'm nothing" she whispered to herself as she walked away. "Hannah how could you? I love her not you. We're not even going out." I yelled at Hannah. "I did that because Kara is a nobody and needs to learn about life." Hannah said simply.

"AHHHHH" I heard a scream. "Help" I heard the voice, it was Kara. I ran out to see that she was being dragged away by 3 guys. Her face was bruised even more. "Let her go!" I yelled. Her face shot up. I ran to get her and 1 of the guys punched me. "Don't hurt him. Just take me. Please. Just take me" she begged the men. "Your lucky pretty boy. Your girlfriend must love you" he told me as he stepped away from me. They took her away. She was crying.

"Please Jake just let me go. I won't talk to him ever again. Please just let me go. Don't hurt me. I won't speak if this I pro-" "I promise. That was what you said last time before you left me all alone. I don't trust you. So shut up." I over heard the conversation. Jake? "I love him" I heard Kara say. "Owww" she yelled. Then it hit me. Kara is being abused because I didn't talk to her. I was always with other girls. She loves me and I love her. I can't let her get hurt anymore. I need to save her. I HAVE TO save her. I am going to save her.

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