Dear Invisible

Hi I'm Kara. Well as other people see me as "bulimice". I have been bullied starting in 6th grade. I run the advice column in my high schools newspaper. I was in math when I noticed a new teacher. He was so young yet curiosity took over me and I needed to know more about him which led to me and his 18 year old son from One Direction to meet and fall in love?


3. Death Glares


(Kara's pov)

When I walked into class I saw all the disgusted looks on everyone's faces as they looked at me. I was REALLY nervous. Suddenly I felt a arm wrap around my shoulder hanging loosely. I stood there awkwardly as jealousy rose in all if the girls faces. "I'm sorry" I told the class. "Kara they should apologize. They all know it" Harry told me as his grip got tighter around my shoulders. I felt safe in his arms.

The class all muttered sorry then Mr. Styles let the class leave. "Sorry Mrs. Styles. I guess I should be used to it by now but I guess I'm not" I told him and sighed. "No Kara you shouldn't be sorry. I just can't imagine what the pain is like when you have to go through this." Mr. Styles told me as e handed me a paper. I looked and it was my math test. I failed it. Panic took over my body. I never fail tests. I wanted to cry. "Bye" I said as I got out of Harry's grip and started to walk away. "Aww did poor little Bulimice fail. I guess I got carried away. Oops" Hannah said. "BITCH!" I screamed at Hannah. She looked at me surprised.

"I was wondering how long your worthless feelings would be bottled up in your anorexic little body" she told me and smiled. I couldn't take it anymore. I was angry and sad. I took a step forwards to her. "Stop with this shit Hannah. At least I don't use weightloss pills to lose weight. I mean without those you would be fat. So leave me alone. I can't take it anymore. Your so rude and I hate you" I yelled.

A tear rolled down my cheek. Suddenly I felt a hand on my shoulder. "Kara come on let's calm down." Mr. Styles said to me. I turned away from Hannah and pushed his hand off me as I followed him to his classroom. "I know you don't want it but your getting it. Detention all week after school" I heard him say to me. A clump was in my throat. I tried to swallow it but it wouldn't budge.

"A week. That's not fair. She started it and she kept saying I was worthless and that I was anorexic. How could you let her pass and I get detention. Fine. I just want you to know that if I'm on the news dead. It's all your fault. An yes you heard me right." I cried out. "Daddy? Mommy? Why did you have to leave me?" I said under my breathe as tears rolled down my cheeks. Why did they have to die? I was happy with them. It's been 13 years since their death and I still can't forget about them. The worse part about them dieing was that my mom was pregnant with my little brother.

The tears forced out more. I got up to my locker and my heart hurt even more. Harry was making out with Hanna next to my locker. I just walked up to my locker and put my math materials away. I closed my locker and started to walk away when Hanna started to talk. "So why is Bulimice crying? Did you get introuble? Poor you" I looked at Harry to see if he was going to do anything. But no, nothing. "Stop calling me Bulimice or annorexissa. I'm neither of those. At least I'm not a whore. Seriously Hannah. Your going out with John and yet your making out with Harry fucking Styles. I don't care anymore you know why because I'm leaving. Gone. Forever. Are you happy now?" I said and I saw in Harry's eyes that he was hurt.

Why? I mean it's not like he even stepped in when Hannah made fun of me. I saw Hannah smile big and she started clapping while jumping up and down. Why does my life suck right now? I do just want to die I mean it's not like my aunt is ever around, she always works. I stormed out of school and called a taxi. "Kara. Wait" Harry yelled his British accent making my skin tingle. Kara stop. He didn't try to help you so obviously he doesn't care.

Maybe he does but I don't care anymore. I just shut people out of my life all the time. The taxi showed up. Suddenly my wrist was pulled and I was turned face to face with Harry. I felt his breath on my face. I was a couple of inches smaller than Harry. I looked down. It hurt to much to look into his eyes. "Listen Harry. I don't want to be another charity case of yours so just leave. It won't hurt me. Just go before it hurts to much" I told him in a hushed tone. Before I could leave to get into the taxi Harry kissed me. His warm lips on mine as he pulled me closer to him by my waist. I held Harry's neck but then realized I had to stop it. I pulled away and got into the taxi.

(Harry's pov) 

Kara thought she was a charity case for me. She wasn't. After the kiss she left. She was gone. I ran into my dad's class. I needed to find her. I liked her to much to let her go. I had a crush on her.

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