Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


2. The talk

I didn't hang out with Brianna and Katie tht day. I sat at home and watched Tv in my giant purple hoodie and sweatpants. I had a giant bowl of popcorn. My apartment was very small, with one bedroom, a living room, a kitchen, dining room, and a bathroom. Nothing special. I moved in there last year when i couldn't bare living with my stepmom anymore. Dad understood, since my stepmom hated me and my mom abandoned us when i was 2. I fell asleep at midnight and woke up at noon the next day. As soon as i woke up i got a call from Katie. "Hello?" i said, still half asleep. "We're coming over in about 15 minutes," she said. "Sure you can come over," I said sarcastically. " Oh shut up," she laughed,"Just get ready.""Fine,"I said and hung up. I got up, did my hair, put on some make-up, and brushed my teeth. I wore a plain black shirt and shorts. Tey came over 5 minutes after i was finished. " Hey," Brianna said when i answered the door and she went straight to my kitchen. Katie went straight into the living room and laid on my couch. " I just love how you guys act like this is your house," I said laughing. " Oh come on that's what best friends are for," Brianna said pouring herself some orange juice. " Yeah," Katie said, " Plus your house is extremely organized. Brianna, Katie, and I have been friends for years. Brianna had long, blonde,straight hair and blue eyes. She was naturally tan and skinny. She could be a model and so could Katie. She was short with long, brown, straight hair and huge brown eyes. I stood out the most. I had long, dirty blonde , wavy hair that i straightened on occasion, hazel eyes, and wasnt as skinny as them. I felt like a troll around them. " We are going to a party tonight!" Brianna said. Brianna was invited to all the parties because of her popularity and usually took us along. " Ohh!!! YAY!" Katie said sitting up. i hated parties. " Do i have to?" I said. "Yes," They said in unison. We went to Brianna's house to get ready. I wore a pair of jean shorts and a nice , simple, purple tank top. I looked way less fancy than Katie and Brianna. Katie had on a sparkly blue top with white shorts and flip flops. Brianna had on a pink shawl with a white tank top and shorts with white flip flops. Again, i was a troll. We got in the care and drove there. I could tell something was going to happen tonight. Good or Bad? Who knows.

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