Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


4. The First time

I sat in the yard and waited for Justin. So mny negative things ran through my mind. What if he was being nice just to mess with my head and help Danielle? What if he didn't come back? I waited for about 10 minutes when I saw him walking torwards me. We're going to have to walk through the house. Paparazzi have surrounded the yard. I promise i won't let them make you any more upset," he said. I stared at the ground. I didn't know if i should trust him or not. " Hey Cassidy is your name right? Look at me," He said. I looked at him. He looked at me straight in the eyes."I promise" he whispered. I looked into his beautiful deep brown eyes. "Okay," I said. He lead me to the back door and walked in with me. Danielle was in the middle of talking about her gifts and she stopped. "Justin?? Why are you with the reject?" She said. He ignored her and keptwalking holding my towel on my shoulders. "Justin, don't you dare walk away from me with that freak show," She said. Justin stopped and turned to her. Everyone was silent. "You know what Danielle? You used to be so sweet all the time. You helped everyone. But now look at you. Torturing this poor girl for no reason. I understand you may not like her but THIS is too far. You need to stop now. It's over and done. Happy Birthday brat," He said. We sped walked out of there into his car without being seen by photographers. I sat in the passengers seat. We started drving in silence until i decided to talk. "Thank you," I said. "Oh no problem. I was tired of her putting people down," He said. "Do you know why she hates me?" I said. "She claims you stole her best friend, Brianna, but i know for a fact that's not true considering Danielle NEVER hung out with or talked to her. She's just jealous of you and your friends," He said. "Wow," I said. I lead him to where i lived, said thank you, and got out of the car. I was about to leave when i turned around. "Um..Justin?" I said. "Yeah?" he said. "You want to like, come inside and get something to drink?" I said. He put the car in park. "Sure," He said. We walked to my apartment and I got him a glass of water. It was all i had. "Sorry there isn't much of a variety," I said, "Haven't gone shopping lately." "It's okay," he said sitting down at the dining room table. " Do you mind if i go fix this?" I said motioning torwards my clothes. "Go ahead," he said with a laugh. I left for about 15 minutes. I changed my clothes, fixed my make-up and fixed my hair.I came out to Justin looking in my song book. "Oh I'm sorry i was just reading this," he said closing it awkwardly. "It's fine,"  I said smiling. We were quiet for a little. "Your songs are really good," He said. I felt my heart skip a beat. "Really?" I said. "Yeah, some new lyrics. all you need is a beat," He said grabbing two pencils. He started drumming on the table and singing Boyfriend. I patted my feet to the beat. I eventually found myself dancing around while he ran around the apartment beating on things. Someone pounded on the door. Justin hid by laying on the couch and i answered it. "KEEP IT DOWN IN HERE I'M TRYING TO SLEEP!!! screamed Mr. Carter, My neightbor, in my face. I shut the door. Justin sat up and looked at me. We both burst out laughing. "Now that was fun," he said. "It was," i said. I walked over to sit with him but tripped and fell right on him. "Oh wow um..." I said trying to get up off him. We locked eyes and stared for a second then I sat up. "I-I'm sorry," I said. "It's fine," He said. I realized it was midnight. "Well I should go," Justin said, " I had fun." He smiled at me. "Me too," I said smiling. He handed me his number, "Let's hang out soon," He said. He walked out and drove away. Best. Night. Ever.!

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