Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


6. The ex

The next morning I waited for Justin's call. Brianna and Katie both had plans with Ryan and Chaz. I watched Spongebob and ate cereal all morning. It was almost two when I turned of the TV. Still no call. I was convinced he lead me on, or this was one of Danielle's cruel pranks. Playing with a person's emotions was something noone should ever do. I was just about to sit back down when my phone rang. I ran to it, tripped over a chair and fell on the ground. I slowly reached up and grabbed the phone. "Hello?" I said painfully. "Cassidy!" Justin said on the other line. I smiled. "Hey Justin," I said. "Are you free tonight?" He said."Yes," I said. "You want to hang out? Maybe come to my houseand swim than walk around town?" He said. I felt my heart sink. I rarely swam since I almost drowned in fourth grade. Plus i hated how I looked in a swim suit. Everyone said i was really skinny but i couldn't see it. "Sounds like a plan," I said. Why did i say that?

? "Okay I'll come pick you up soon," he said and hung up. I hung up and stared at the wall. I'd have to swim. I went and got change. I decided to wear a plain, purple bikini, jean shorts, and a black tank top. It was over 100 degrees outside. I packed a bag with some extra clothes, a towel, and makeup. I sat outside the apartment building. He pulled up and honked the horn. I forced a smile and prepared to embarrass myself. He came out and opened my door. "Why thank you," I said sitting inside. "You are welcome m'lady," he said bowing towards me. I laughed. He was such a dork but I found it amazing. No other guy has treated me like he has. We drove to his house. "Hey I gotta go get changed you can just go in the back and get in the pool," he said. He ran up the steps. His house was huge. I went straight to the backyard. The yard was huge. The deck was huge with a hot tub built in. The steps lead into the yard which had a huge in-ground pool with a diving board and slide. There was also a giant trampoline in the yard. I took off my shirt and shorts to reveal the bathing suit underneath. I left all my stuff on the deck and went over to the pool. I sat down and put my feet in the water and a chill ran up my spine. All the memories of almost drowning came flooding back. The inability to breather or scream. Suddenly, Justin jumped in the pool from behind me without warning. The water splashed me in the face as he came back up for air. We were both laughing. "Nice jump," I said. "Thanks," he said getting out. He was very attractive shirtless. I stood up next to him. "Are you going in?" he said, "don't make me push you!" He went to grab me but I screamed, "Justin please I'm serious don't!" He stopped. "What's wrong?" he said. "I know its pathetic but I'm scared. I almost drowned before and I've been scared of water since," I said. "Oh wow," he said, "Well let's start in the shallow." We went into the shallow end. We splashed each other and laughed. We stood on the side when Justin looked at me and said, "Hey guess what." "What?" I said. "You've been in the deep end for almost an hour," he said. I glanced around and realized I had been swimming this whole time. "I-...I'm not scared!" I said, "You helped me cure my fear!!!" "I am Doctor Bieber," he said winking. We both laughed. "Oh and um," he said, "I'm sorry about that kiss yesterday. I just kinda got caught up in the moment.." "It's fine," I said. We swam for a little while when we heard the gates to his yard open. Justin and I were both drying off. A short girl with blonde hair and brown eyes came up to us. "Justin!" she said, "What are you doing?!?!" "What are you talking about?" he said. "Hanging out with another girl!!" she said. "We've been broken up for almost 6 months! Plus shes just a friend!" he said. Before I knew it the girl jumped on me and started slapping me in the face. What a lovely surprise.

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