Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


11. Singing

We pulled onto the red carpet at the awards. The driver came over and let us out of the car. Scooter, Usher, and Pattie all got out. Justin got out and I heard the screams irrupt. He held out his hand and led me out of the car. I heard reporters in the background saying, "Justin has finally came with his mystery girl that we have been hearing so much about! Who is she?" "He put his arm around me and we walked down the carpet. Justin stopped and signed autographs and took pictures. We went further down to the reporter that was covering the even. The camera went on both of us and I didn't speak. "So Justin is this the girl you've been dropping hints about on interviews?" the lady said. "Yes it is," Justin said giving me a hug from the side and I snapped out of it. He smiled at me and I smiled back. "Whats your name hun?" she said holding the mic towards me. "Cassidy," I said. "You look beautiful! Who are you wearing?" she said. "Not necessarily sure. I look more closely at the quality and beauty of the dress more than the brand," I said. "Well whoever the designer is picked the right person to sell it to! Any last words Justin?" she said holding the mic towards him. "I just wanted to announce that me and Cassidy are going to be singing my song Fall tonight," he said. I heard the fans go crazy. "Amazing! Can't wait to hear! Have fun!" the reporter said and we walked away. Justin went over to some fans and I stood there while cameras took my picture. I smiled and posed. It was like my stage fright disappeared on the carpet. Justin motioned towards me and I walked over. "They want a picture with both of us," he said. "Sure," I said. We posed with the fans. Some even asked for MY autograph. I felt amazing. We walked into the building and found our seats. "So you still have that stage fright?" he said. "Not as much," I said with a laugh. "You did amazing on the carpet," he said. "Thanks," I said. We went through about half of the awards show when Justin was up for an award. He held me and his mom's hands tight. "And the winner is..." said Adam Levigne who was presenting, "Justin Bieber!" We all stood in applause. Justin turned and gave his mom a big hug and a kiss on the cheek. It was adorable. He then turned towards me and hugged me then gave me a quick kiss. He went up to give his speech. As usual he thanked the beliebers first and gave his "small town in Canada" speech. I never got tired of it. He ended it by saying, "I would also like to thank my amazing mom for always supporting you, I love you! Usher and Scooter for getting me here and my girlfriend Cassidy for being there for me the past couple of months! You are all amazing! THANK YOU!" Usher poked me on the shoulder and led me back stage. "You guys need to get ready asap!" he said and left. The stylists immediately gave me my dress. I changed quickly. It was a short red dress with white details. It was very sparkly. They did my hair and makeup very quickly. Justin came out in identical colors. "Beautiful as usual," he said smiling, "Gotta go just come out on your cue!" He ran to his spot on stage. My heart pounded so loud I thought it was going to jump out of my chest. The music started and I felt sick. Why did I agree to this?

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