Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


12. My performance


Justin started singing and dancing. Dancing? I didn't even think of that. Well he was singing All Around The World and Boyfriend first then I would come on and my song wasn't upbeat. Before I knew it I was only a few lines away from having to sing. The light shined on me and I walked out. The crowds screamed and I felt the knot in my stomach tie tighter. I started to sing. "Did you know that I loved you or were you not aware?..." I continued towards Justin. He smiled at me. I felt a smile cross my face and sang stronger. I looked out at the crowd and spotted Usher and Scooter who were smiling at me. We sang to chorus together and he took my hand. The crowd went insane. The cameras flashed. We finished the song and the crowd was on their feet. Justin gave me a huge hug and kissed me in front of everyone. It wasn't a long kiss but it was a kiss. We walked off stage and got changed. I wore a different dress that was strapless and blue. It was also sparkly. I got my hair and makeup redone and Justin lead me back to our seats. "AMAZING!" Scooter said. "You have MAJOR talent!" Usher said. "Beautiful!" Pattie said. They hugged us and we sat. The rest of the awards were fun. Justin won a few more awards and eventually went home with 5 all together. We still had the after party and it was already almost 11:30. I never stayed up this late. Shows how much of a life I have. We went to the party. So many people complimented me on my performance and my dress. I felt amazing. For the first time in my life for the longest time I was happy. Justin was the most amazing thing that had ever happened to me. I loved him. I hated to say it but I did. I just couldn't help it. We drove home and he walked me to my apartment. I looked for my keys in my purse while Justin whistled. "Oh no," I said. "What?" he said. "I left my keys inside on my table," I said. "Oh well you can stay at my place if you want," Justin said. "I don't want to impose," I said. "Impose? Are you kidding me? Get back in the limo," he said. "Fine then Mr. Bossy," I said laughing. We sat down in the limo. "She got locked out so she's staying at my place," Justin said. Scooter gave him "the look." "No worries," Justin said, "I'll be sleeping on the couch." "No I will you sleep in your bed where you belong," I said. "Yeah yeah yeah," Justin said, "We'll see." "Do you have pajamas?" Pattie said. "I actually do in my purse. I didn't know how late I'd be out and since I'm not a 'party' person I brought pj's so I could sleep in the car," I said. We all started laughing. "Only you would do that!" Justin said. We dropped off everyone else then went to Justin's. I may have purposely left my keys on the counter but hey who knows.


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