Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


10. Meeting everyone

Justin was coming to get me in a half hour. I only had a half hour to get an amazing dress and look perfect for this show. I only had one option. I picked up my phone and called Brianna and Katie. They were over in almost 5 minutes. They didn't even knock, they just burst through the door telling me stuff I didn't understand since I wasn't into "beauty" talk. "Put this on!" Brianna said giving me a dress. I went into the bathroom and got changed. It was a strapless purple dress. It was beautiful. I came out and was immediately seated for Katie to do my hair. Brianna started on my makeup. We finished everything only a minute before Justin knocked on the door. I took a last look in the mirror while the others went to open the door. I actually looked pretty. The dress didn't make me look too fat or too skinny. My hair was up in curls and I had on heels that I wouldn't break my ankle in. My makeup made me look like a model. Justin came in a looked at me up and down and smiled. "You look...amazing," he said. "You don't look half bad yourself," I said smiling. We were both wearing purple so we matched. I honestly had no idea we would be matching. He lead me outside to the limo. "I've never been in a limo before," I said. "First times a charm," he said opening the door for me. I went inside. It was amazing. There was a mini bar area, a sunroof, cool lights, everything. He slid in next to me. "We're gonna pick up the rest of the crew and we'll be on our way," he said. "Like who?" I said as we pulled out of the parking lot. "Scooter, my mom, and Usher," he said. "I get to meet Usher?!" I said. "Yes," he laughed, "But be calm. And my mom is looking forward to meeting you too. Will I ever get to meet your parents?" "I'm not sure about that one," I said. He dropped the subject because he knew I was getting uncomfortable. We picked up Scooter first. He sat next to Justin. "I'm Scooter," he said shaking my hand, "I can tell the beliebers are gonna love you!" I felt myself blush. We picked up Usher next. I wanted to fangirl but I held back. He mainly discussed stuff with Justin about the performance tonight. He was about to say something when Pattie came in. "Hello," she said sitting next to me since the guys were next to Justin. "Hello, it's nice to meet you Ms-" I said. "Pattie," she said smiling, "Just call me Pattie." "Okay..Pattie," I said. We drove there and I had a nice conversation with Pattie while the guys talked about sports. At one point everyone was silent. "Justin," Pattie said, "This girl is a keeper." She smiled at me and I smiled back. "I know," Justin said taking my hand. The car started turning towards the building. Usher was on the phone and hung up. "Crap," he said. "What's wrong?" Scooter said. "Taylor can't make it," he said. "WHAT?!" Justin said. "Taylor Swift? You don't have any songs with her do you?" I said. "No but we were going to have them sing Fall just to try it," Scooter said. There was silence. "I GOT IT!" Justin said. He turned towards me. "Cassidy, you have to sing with me," he said. "What?" I said, "Justin you know about my stage fright and my voice is nothing special compared to-" "Please Cassidy. If you get scared I'll help you. You'll do amazing and your an amazing singer," he said staring into my eyes. He held my hands. "Please," he whispered. I swallowed hard. "Okay," I said. What did I do that for?

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