Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


5. First Kiss

I went to bed and slept until noon. I was  in an extremely good mood. My phone was blown up with texts and calls from Brianna and Katie, so i knew they'd be here soon. I was wearing a pair of jeans and a blue t-shirt. Someone knocked on my door. "WHAT HAPPENED LAST NIGHT WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!?!?!" Brianna screamed as i opened the door and let them in. "Nothing really," I said closing the door. "Something did you have the biggest smile on your face and your blushing. We want details!" Katie said. So i told them the whole story. From him telling off Danielle, to driving me home, to playing music, to me falling on him, to me getting his number. When i finished they both started to freak out. "He soooo likes you!!!" Brianna said. "He doesn't even know me!" I said. "Yes he does! I can't believe this is really happening! Are best friend had a moment with Justin Bieber!!!" Katie said. I noticed my phone was buzzing. Last night before I went to bed I texted Justin so he had my number and he was calling me now. I made them shut up and answered, on speaker. "Hello?" I said. "Hey," he said., "What are you up to today?" I glanced at them and they mothed the word nothing. "Nothing really why you ask?" I said. "Well me and my friends were gonna go to the park and I was wondering if you and your friends would wanna join us?" he said. Brianna and Katie where silently freaking out. "We'd love that," I said. "Cool! I'll be over in 10 minutes to get you guys," he said. "Okay see you then," I said and hung up. Brianna and Katie irrupted in scream. "WE ARE HANGING OUT WITH JUSTIN BIEBER!!" Brianna yelled. "OH MY GOSH!" Katie shouted. I heard a pounding from next door followed by Mr. Carter yelling, "SHUT UP!"
"Well isn't he cranky," Katie whispered. In a few minutes Justin was here. When I answered the door he had two other guys, about the same age as us, behind him. "Hey," he said with a smile, " This is Ryan and Chaz." "Nice to meet you," I said, "Come in for a second I gotta get my phone and stuff. Thats Brianna and Katie." Ryan walked right up to Brianna. "You are beautiful," he said to her. She started blushing like crazy and giggled. Chaz waved at Katie and she waved back shyly. I got my stuff and we left. Justin didn't drive here so we walked to the park. When we got there we played some basketball and ent on the swings like little kids. I was so happy. Katie and Brianna were getting along very well with Chaz and Ryan. Towards the end Justin walked us back to my house. Chaz and Katie where laughing like idiots because Chaz was acting like one. Ryan and Brianna were walking far behind talking. I was up front walking with Justin. Brianna and Katie walked home with Chaz and Ryan while Justin came in my house." I had fun today," I said when we got upstairs. "Me too. A lot of fun," He said. We were silent for a little while. "So Chaz and Ryan seemed to have been hitting it off with your friends," He said. "Yeah," I said, "They always get any guy they want too." I laughed. "I bet you could get anyone you wanted too," he said, " You are very nice and beautiful." I could feel my cheeks turning red. "Thanks," I said looking away somewhat so he couldn't see my face. "Well...I have to go," he said getting up,"let's do this again soon." "Definitely," I said leading him to the door. I looked up into his big brown eyes & could feel myself melting. Eventually we broke away our gaze and he went to open the door.  I waited for him to leave but at the last minute he turned towards me,  grabbed my face, & kissed me. I never felt my heat beat so fast. I don't know how long it lasted but it felt like an eternity. He pulled away. We both stood there shocked and in silence. "I'm.... Sorry?" he said. "It's umm.. okay," I said. "Yeahh," He said, "Well i gotta go.... wanna maybe meet up tomorrow?" I smiled. I'd like that," I said. "Okay," He said with a smile, "See you then." He opened the door and left. My legs felt like jello.

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