Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


9. Billboard Awards

Since he asked me out I spent almost every day with Justin for the next month. We went swimming, shopping, dancing, almost anything you can think of. I got sick for a week & Justin came and kept me company. I'm still wondering how he didn't get sick. It almost seemed like a dream. He was perfect. He was polite, attractive, sweet, caring, everything a dream boyfriend should be. Never had i ever thought I would be dating Justin Bieber. The only downside was the paparazzi. They would'nt leave me alone. Me and Justin could'nt have a single moment of privacy. I didn't really care though. After about a month came the awards show. Justin came over "Guess what," he said kissing me. "What?" I said. "We are going to the Billboard Awards tonight," He said. "I'm not very good in front of cameras....." I said "You'll be fine," He said," I'll be over in a little to get you." He left my apartment. I felt my stomach sink. This was not going to end well.

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