Cassidy and Danielle have never gotten along and once cassidys friends invite her to danielles party things turn bad but when she meets danielles cousin things become more like a fairy tale...


1. Drama

I stood in front of the class with my paper in my hands. I could feel my hands shaking. I glanced up at the sea of eyes staring at me. Mr.White looked at me. "Well Cassidy, are you going to start your speech?" he said. I swallowed hard and looked down at my paper. I could feel them all watching me, judging me. I decided to try. "I-I have c-come to realize that the m-music industry today...." i glanced up. I felt myself sweating. Why do i get so scared in front of people? I felt sick. " Aww Whats's wrong Cassidy? Are you scared we wont like your opinion?" I heard a voice say from the back of the room. It was Danielle, the most popular, and evil, girl on earth..."Um.." I said. "She looks like she's gonna cry!!!" shouted one of the idiot guys. Everyone started laughing. I dropped my paper and ran out of the room with my backpack on my shoulder. I ran into the bathroom and got sick to my stomach. Stupid stage fright. I stayed in there for what seemed like ages but was really only about 10 minutes. The bell rang and I made my way through the sea of people to last period. I was so happy it was the last day of my high school career. We all graduated yesterday and it was a half day today for seniors. Danielle passed me and smirked. I hater her so much. I walked to journalism class and took my seat. We didn't have anything to do so i just wrote in my song book. Lyrics and words came to me so easily but when it came to performing them i just froze. I walked with my best and only friends Katie and Brianna. We got all of our stuff from our lockers and went to Brianna's car. " Oh wait i forgot forgot my song book!" I said, "I"ll walk home!" "Ok text us when you get homeso we can hang out!" shouted Katie as I ran into the school. When I got inside, Danielle was holding my book in her hands. " Can i please have that back?" I said "No," she said smiling. "We graduated yesterday Danielle. Can you just leave me alone and stop torturing me already?" I said."Why should I?" she said walking to the fountain in the outside eating area. My heart sunk. " Danielle please don't. Why do you hate me so much?" I said."I won't tell you. You can figure it out yourself. It's too bad all these songs will get ruined... they were actually good," she said as she threw it up in the air. I ran as fast as i could but just as i was about to catch it Danielle grabbed it out of the air and i fell in the fountain. She took a picture with her phone, laughed, and threw my book on the fround. " idiot," she said walking away. I felt the rage inside of me but just let her leave. I got out and grabbed my book. Nothing was missing. I walked home, soaked from head to toe, and waited for something good to happen for change.

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