My secret

Ella has been a singer/song writer since she was 5 years old but totally shy, she only had 2 friends... She has written songs of many genres as music is her voice & life. One day she wrote a couple songs for One Direction & sent it to them. To her surprise they put it on their ALBUM! They all want to find this mystery girl who wrote the famous songs. Will they succeed? Will they be amazed by her true beauty?


3. The hotel

*Ella's POV*

I walked back to the music grabbed all of my things, threw them in my bag,  snatched my guitar & left. I don't have any classes now so I'm just going to go home. I walked out to the parking lot, packed my things & drove off. Once I got home I grabbed my things & went straight to my room & fell onto my bed. What the hell happened today? 

Why, why did I send those songs... They all want to meet me. What was I thinking... All of a sudden my phone started buzzing. 

*Hey El, where did you go?* It was from Sam..

*Home, I just wanna be alone k? Anxiety is getting to me* I replied

*K i'll see you tomorrow, Niall left after you did..* She said but I ignored. 

I laid on my bed & pulled the covers over my head. I wish the world would just go away... 

"ELLA SOMEONE IS AT THE DOOR FOR YOU!" my mom called. Great, I bet it's Niall.

I crawled out of bed & downstairs to see my friend Alex standing there with a worried look on his face. "El, how are ya?" He asked running to me & giving me a big hug. I'm actually relieved to see him, it's been a while since he goes to a teachers collage. "I've been better." I said embracing the hug.

"Lets go out for dinner, I'm buying." He said. I'm not going to deny free food right? I nodded & we headed out to his car. We sat down as he started the car & started to drive.

"Where are we going?" I asked.

"Um well there's this new place called Nandos.. Not far from here!" He suggested, I recognize that name, but not quite sure from where. 

We pulled up, went inside, got our table & ordered our food. 

"So what's new with you?" He asked.

"Well, I did something I kinda of regret, It involves my shyness.." I started but then I felt a tap on my shoulder. I turned around & who was there? Niall. My eyes got wide at the sight of him. "Hey fancy seeing you here!" He laughed. I gave him a fake smile unaware of what to say.

"Hey I know you! You're one of the guys from One Direction our friend is obsessed with!" Alex butted in..

"Sure am." Niall laughed.. He has a cute laugh... 

"Want to join us?" Alex asked. 

"Sorry but I'm actually here with some friends but I saw Ella & thought I should come over!"

"You know each other?" Alex asked. Then Niall gave the whole explanation as I hid my face. "Want to meet the lads?" Niall asked us. Alex seemed pretty happy about all this.

"Would I?" Alex said standing up & pulling me with him. The lads? The rest of One Direction.. We walked over as Alex kept his arm around me noticing I was nervous. "Hey guys this is Ella, the girl who wrote those songs! & her friend & Alex." Niall said pulling me closer to them. They just stared at me, in awe... It was getting awkward. "Oh my god." I heard Harry mumble to himself.

*Harry's POV*

Wow. She, she is beautiful. I could tell she was shy though but that didn't matter. She had that kind of sparkle in her eye that was beautiful & made her shine. Just, wow. She looked back at us looking somewhat scared. "It's a pleasure to meet you Ella!" Liam said standing up & shaking her hand. Okay my turn. "Really, I'm so happy Niall found you." Is what I managed to say. She nodded then looked down. She had really pretty eyes.

After I introduced myself they others did. She was still feeling awkward I could tell. 

*Ella's POV*

I was starting to feel sick to my stomach. Oh my god. One Direction just introduced themselves to probably the shyest person in the world. I know... I have to start actually making conversation badly. I can't just back away now. This is big. This is my chance.. To break out my shell. "So what are you guys doing here?" I asked.

"Well Niall insisted on finding you so... Here we are!" Harry said.

"I really can't believe you guys made such a big deal out of just finding me!" I kind of laughed.

"I think it was worth the time." Niall said with a cheeky grin on his face. Okay then... I laughed awkwardly... "Hey Ella, do you want to come back to our hotel to discuss things? I think it would be a good idea. Talk about you're music & stuff." Harry suggested, it seems it was just Harry & Niall who liked to talk. I shrugged my shoulders. I actually want to. This could be my break. Then Alex pulled me away.

"What are you doing?" He asked

"What do you mean?" I replied

"You can't go off with some boy band you don't properly know!" He snapped.

*Alex's POV*

She can't go with them... She doesn't know them! Am I jealous? Yes... I mean, I've been in love with her since like forever... It's just. Not a good idea. I don't want to lose her...

*Ella's POV*

"Alex this is my break. I didn't really think about it until now. I could be able to get away from my life, start fresh & break out of my shell." I hissed. Why was he being like this? He huffed & we walked back to the table where they sat. 

"I'd love to." I stated before Alex could say anything. 

"Great!" Niall said. Alex & I went back to our table to finish eating & then Alex just left me after paying without saying goodbye... Oh well, I don't know what his problem is. The guys then started walking over to me. "Ready to go?" Niall asked. I nodded. The paid & then we ran to their car hoping no one would recognize them. They all piled in & then when they sat down they realized that there wasn't a seat for me. I just stood there awkwardly. Damn it.

"So it's the trunk or my lap!" Harry laughed. Well I don't feel like going in the trunk so it's on his lap I guess. I climbed in & sat down. Louis started the car as they all started talking about who knows what..I just sat there trying to be comfortable until we reached their hotel. We all climbed out & ran up to their room. They closed the door & we all walked into the living room part of the suite & sat down. Niall & harry sat on both sides of me. "Damn it!" Louis shouted. We all gave him a confused look. "Liam, Zayn. We were going to go out with the girls." He stated. The girls? 

They gave each other worried looks jumped up & ran out the door. "Who?" I asked Niall. "Their girlfriends!" He laughed.

"That makes sense." I laughed still sitting in between them it was getting awkward. "So Ella, why don't you tell us about yourself?" Harry said easing the awkward air.

"Well.." I started & then gave them practically my whole life story. "Wow, well no wonder you're so talented." Niall said. I just smiled back at him keeping our eyes locked on each other.

*Niall's POV*

I felt my heart stop when we looked at each other like that. It was like it was only her & I in the world. Everything just went away. Then Harry gave an awkward cough as he was actually right there making us jump from our gaze. She then looked down at her watch. "Oh my god! I had no idea how late it was getting! I have to go!" She said running for the door. Well it is 10pm by now. "Wait! Let me drive you!" Harry butted in. Damn it! I was going to offer... "No it's okay I'll take the bus!" She replied. Okay good. "Don't even think about it, I said I'll take you!" He said with a flirty kind of voice..Damn.

"Are you sure? I don't want to be a bother." She asked. "Positive! Let's go!" He said grabbing his coat. "Bye Niall! Thanks for having me." She said as they left... I don't like the fact that Harry is going to be alone with her. Knowing him, he will do what he can to get her. 

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