My secret

Ella has been a singer/song writer since she was 5 years old but totally shy, she only had 2 friends... She has written songs of many genres as music is her voice & life. One day she wrote a couple songs for One Direction & sent it to them. To her surprise they put it on their ALBUM! They all want to find this mystery girl who wrote the famous songs. Will they succeed? Will they be amazed by her true beauty?


10. Overnight

As soon as she said that my face lit up with happiness. Finally, I was going to be alone with her for a while. I had time to show her I care. "That's awesome." I said winking as she blushed. We took off our shoes & coats & walked to the living room & sat down on the couch. "So why were you down at this part of town anyways? Besides being lost." She laughed.  I didn't really want to tell her that Harry & I were pissed at each other but I can't lie...

"Well you see... Obviously Harry fancies you..." I started as I could tell she was feeling a little awkward. "& I like you... So you can see Harry wouldn't exactly be happy about that, anyways we got into a bit of an argument & I needed some space." I said scared of her response. 

She looked at the ground with a confused look on her face. "Ella?" I whispered.. "W-why would you do something so stupid?" She snapped. Damn it.

"What do you mean?" I asked nervously. "You got into a fight with one of your best friends, because of me. Why would you do that?" 

"Cause we both care about you." I replied... "Why do you care so much? Niall I don't think we should be even talking if I'm ruining your friendship with Harry." She said standing up as I followed her. "Harry just doesn't like the fact that he didn't get the girl he wanted this time." I replied.

"Whoa I'm not someone to be won. Niall I'm honestly not worth the fighting." She said. "Ella, you don't understand what feelings can do to a person!" I snapped. I've known her for how long? Not sure but it feels lie forever, she drives my heart crazy. 

"Yes in fact I do know what feelings can do to a person, I'm not stupid, we've all been there." She hissed. "Well feelings for you made me & Harry a little bit nuts okay?"

*Ella's POV*
I can't believe I'm even having this argument, Why am I worth there time, I get stressed out easily & have anxiety attacks, & I was having it right then. 

Why am I worth it? No one ever shows me I am, hes trying but not very well... 

"C'mon you're not being fair! Just understand that Harry & I both like you & you don't have to like either of us back but I'm just letting you know my feelings." He started to calm down.

"So what, I have to choose?" I snapped. "No! You don't I would never make you choose." He said trying to calm me down & stepped closer. "You don't have to like any of us, just know that I like you." He said standing even closer as he leaned down a bit so he was super close to my face. He looked directly in my eyes but I looked down. 

"Niall.." "Yeah?" "You wouldn't play with my feelings would you?" I said my heart fluttering while I felt his breath on my lips. "Never." I said pushing back the hair in my face. "Good." I nodded & smiled. He looked at my lips & bit his, then back at my eyes, closed his & closed the gap between us brushing his soft lips against mine. He lightly placed his hands around my waist as I put mine on his shoulders. 

His kissed me harder & harder by the second my I let him, It was amazing. That feeling of being loved by someone was crazy, it made me crazy for him, he wasn't like Harry, Niall showed me he truly had feelings for me, he proved it. We both needed to breath & pulled apart. 

*Harry's POV*

I sat on the couch with Zayn, Louis & Liam watching TV when I could tell they were giving me questionable looks.

"So Harry, how did you get that mark on your face? & Wheres NIALL?" Liam snapped. Even though I was still pissed at Niall for punching me I didn't want to snitch on him. 

"Oh um I walked into a pole, & I don't know where Niall is." I coughed. They all gave me weird looks but shrugged it off.

*Niall's POV*

We were her bed. I had her snuggled into my chest as my arms had a tight grip around her. She was fast asleep but I couldn't fall asleep because I was so happy about how everything was so perfect right then. A smile wouldn't leave my mouth as much as a tried.


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