My secret

Ella has been a singer/song writer since she was 5 years old but totally shy, she only had 2 friends... She has written songs of many genres as music is her voice & life. One day she wrote a couple songs for One Direction & sent it to them. To her surprise they put it on their ALBUM! They all want to find this mystery girl who wrote the famous songs. Will they succeed? Will they be amazed by her true beauty?


12. Night in... Stressed.

I quickly turned on the fire place, slipped on some fuzzy socks & sat down in front of Alex in front of the fire in between his legs & cuddled up to him. It was quiet enjoying the fire. I kept over thinking everything that had happened that day. My head was clouded unaware that Alex was speaking to me... "Sorry, what?" I somewhat laughed... "I was just asking if you're okay." He said quietly. I slowly nodded not knowing what to say. My heart hurt. He then slowly started putting his arms around my waist from behind. I leaned back onto his chest & closed my eyes.


                                     Sweet dreams of you come & go but I know you wont    


*Alex's POV*



                          I was a boy in love with a woman

I woke up to see a very tired Ella rubbing her eyes still curled up in my arms. She turned around & noticed I was awake & smiled. I felt groggy & tired, but I didn't want her to leave my arms. Her & I have had sleepovers when we were a lot younger so it was nice to have one after all these years. We both got up & she went to go get ready for the day without any words spoken. I sat on her couch checking my phone when I heard her phone go off from on the coffee table. Niall was calling. 

"Hey El, want me to answer your phone? It's Niall." I said, there was a pause. "Um yeah, tell him I'll call him back in a few minutes." She answered.

*Hello?* I answered

*Hi, uh is Emily there?* He said sounding somewhat annoyed. 

*She's actually busy right now, but she can call you in a few minutes.* I said trying to be calm.

*Is this Alex?* He asked


*K.* He said & hung up. eeesh.

*Ella's POV*

When I finished making myself look slightly more presentable I walked out into my living room where Alex sat on the couch holding my phone. "You gunna call him back?" He asked. "Um maybe later actually." I said, I didn't really feel like being social today. 

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