My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


10. when I thought my happy ever after was here...


I got out of the car still soaked from playing in the rain.   "Do you want my jumper," Liam asked seeing me shivering.   "No, we’re almost to the hotel," I said trying to stop my teeth from chattering.   "Emily, your lips are blue," Liam said before handing me his jumper and pulling me closer to him. I buried my face into it I always loved his smell.   "We’re here," Louis said pulling into the parking lot where hundreds of screaming girls were waiting for us. I got out of the car and it was still raining. Liam grabbed my hand and put the hoodie of his jumper of my head.   "You guys really need to get inside. You are all going to get colds," I heard Niall say but I couldn't see because the hoodie was too big and it was covering my eyes.   "Liam, is that Zayn's sister,” I heard one of the girls asked. I pulled out the hoodie to show my face.   "Yep," he said and kept walking till we got inside. We walked into our room all the boys following behind us. I sat down on the coach and Liam grabbed a blanket and put it over me before walking around and opening the dressers.   "Here you can where my clothes. I looked but couldn't find any of your clean pajamas," he said. I got up and walked into the bathroom and put on Liam's baggy basketball pants and shirt. I walked back out.    "You look beautiful," Liam said. All the boys laughed because I had huge pants on and a big shirt. I hadn’t brush my hair so my hair was a huge bushy mess. "I do not," I said. I sat next to him and buried my face into his chest.    "I think you do," he said kissing the top of my head. His phone started vibrating and he grabbed it. "Sorry but I got to take this," he said looking down at his phone. "I love you, bye,” he said kissing me and walking out of the hotel. I got up and walked over to where the boys were doing a twitcam.   "Look it’s Emily,” Niall said grabbing me and sitting me down.   "Niall, let me go, I look like a mess," I said before he let me go.   "Go do whatever you need to do to look better and then come back out here," Niall said pushing me towards the bathroom. I went in there and brushed my hair and fixed my makeup.   "And she’s back,” Louis said standing up and sitting me down.   "Hi," I said waving.   "For those of you who don't know, this is Emily Malik, Zayn's little sister and now Liam's girlfriend," Harry said making me blush. I got up and walked out of the cameras view.   "Where are you going," Louis asked.   "I'm going to go walk around," I said grabbing Liam's sweat shirt.   "You can't go by yourself," Zayn said getting up. "Well, we’re going to have to cut this short. We love you guys. Bye," Zayn said closing the laptop. They all walked over to me.   "Where are we going," Harry said.   "I don't know.  Let’s just walk around." I said opening up the door. We walked out and saw all the fans still standing out there.   "Maybe we should go talk to them," Niall said. We nodded and walked down the stairs. Zayn tensed up when we got to the bottom and grabbed my hand.   "Hi guys," Louis said walking up to a group of girls.   "Hey Louis, can we get some pictures," A girl from the front said edging closer to him.   "Yeah sure," he said and they handed me the camera. I snapped a few pictures "Okay, here you go," I said handing the camera back.   "Thanks but I think Alex and Liam made a cuter couple then you and him," a girl with strawberry blonde hair.   "I think we make a perfect couple," I jumped at the sound of Liam's voice. "And I don't like how you are talking to my girlfriend," he said as I turned around and walked away with him.   "So, how was where ever you went," I said smiling at him. The rest of the boys came walking behind us.   "Good," he said       "Where did you go Liam,” Niall said jumping around like a little kid.       "Nowhere," He said walking away from me and walking into our room. I sat down on the coach and watched Zayn and Niall play a video game.    "What did you do while I was gone," Liam said sitting down next to me.       "Nothing really, just talked to the fans," I said.  His phone vibrated again but he was playing the video game with them.   "Could you get my phone for me love?"    I got up and walked over to the table. "It’s a text," I said walking over to him.   "Read it to me please," he said.    I opened the message up.  "It says, I had a fun time on our..."I paused at the word, date.  "Is that why you wouldn't tell Niall where you went." I said as the tears started forming.    He got up and walked over to me looking at the text then back at me. "I don't know what they are talking about." He said as the other boys walked up to us. Zayn took the phone out of my hands and read it.   "ARE YOU KIDDING ME!!?” Zayn said dropping the phone. "You promised me that night that you wouldn't hurt my sister," He said. All the other boys started reading the message.   "WHAT THE HECK LIAM," Harry said walking over to Liam and clenching his fists.    "I wasn’t on a date!" Liam said backing away from Harry but running into Zayn. Niall walked up to me and I buried my face in his chest.   "Come on Emily, let’s go," Niall said rubbing my back and walking out the door and into the room next door.   "I thought I had my happily ever after," I said pushing my face more into his chest.   "I know, I know," he said as he rubbed my back.  Just then all the other boys came in. I looked up at my brother who was walking over to me. Niall got up and Zayn took his place.   "I'm sorry, Emily, I should have never let you date him," he said.   "Emily. I didn't go on a date," Liam said walking in. "I love you and I wouldn't do anything like this to you." I looked up at him and saw the tears streaming down his face.   "I can't trust you anymore, Liam," I said. "I think we need to break up if you are going to lie and cheat on me"  He just stood there and stared at me with an open mouth. I walked out of the room with tears running down my face. My fairy tale had just ended and my heart was broken. I would never find anyone that I loved more. I sobbed as we left our room.
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