My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


9. Together Finally


-----------------------------------------------------------EmilyPOV--------------------------------------------------------------   I walked back to the bus with a huge smile on my face. Zayn was standing there looking at us funny. I'm guessing because we were both holding hands and smiling. We walked onto the bus.    "Are you ready to go," Harry asked, looking upset   "Nope, I think I'm going to stay," I said.    All the boys ran up and gave me a hug yelling all sorts of stuff in my ear, "What made you change your mind," Niall asked while still hugging me. Just then Liam walked and wrapped his arms around me.   "OHHH," all the boys said at the same time.   "Thirty more minutes," the driver yelled back at us making us jump.    We sat down as I told them what happened when Liam ran off the bus . Finally we drove up to a hotel and got out with only a couple fans screaming.  I was beginning to get really use to that sound. Liam and Zayn, doing what they always did, grabbed my hand and walking in. Zayn let go when we walked in and went up with the other boys while Liam and I walked a little slower.   "I'm sorry," Liam said.    I looked up at him. Was he already sick of being my boyfriend? "For what," I asked.   "For being such a jerk to you, you didn't deserve that kind of treatment," He said.   I sighed. "Liam, let’s just forget it happened. I don't care anymore. I have you," I said before kissing him.    We got up to the hotel.  "Liam, Emily, Zayn and Harry in this room," Louis said.    Zayn gave him a hard look when he said that Liam and I were going to be sharing a room. "  Niall and I in this room," he said pointing to the other room. We all went to are rooms but only moments later Louis and Niall were in our room.   "Let’s watch a movie, "Louis said jumping on one of the beds.   "Or we can go out to eat," Harry said.  Niall nodded in agreement.   "I'm not really hungry," I said lying down on one of the beds.   "Is anyone else coming," Harry asked. Zayn and Louis raised their hand. Liam looked back at me.   "Liam, if you want to go, you can go, I don't mind," I said sitting up.   "No, it’s fine. I'd rather stay here," he said before falling down on the bed next to me.    "Okay, bye guys," Niall said running out. Everybody followed him. Sometimes they acted just like children. I smiled at the thought.   Zayn turned around and gave Liam a break her heart and I break your face look and then walked out of the room shutting the door behind him.   "What do you want to do," Liam asked propping himself up on one of his arms.   "Watch a movie," I said. I got up and looked to see what movies were on. “Toy story is on. It just started."    "Yes," he said. He got up and popped some popcorn for us.    We sat down on the coach and I snuggled up to him. "Finally with my perfect girl," he whispered into my ear before kissing my forehead and pushing me closer to him.   "What makes you so sure," I asked looking up at him.   "Because it’s you," he said smiling.   "I love you," I said, kissing him.   "I love you too," he said.   -----------------------------------------------------------------------------   I woke up in my bed where Liam must have carried me. I got up looking for the boys but only found a note.    Had to go to an interview, didn't want to wake you. Get ready because when I come back, we are going on are first date.   Love you, Liam   I smiled. I was going on my first date with Liam. I wasn’t sure what I was going to wear so I called the only person that popped in my head, Vicki.       -------------------------------------TEXT MESSAGE------------------   To: Vicki   Hey, what's your Skype name, need your help.   ------------------------------------------------------------------------       I almost immediately got an answer back.   ---------------------TEXTMESSAGE------------------------   From:Vicki    Its LouislovesMe0723, Louis made my Skype =]   -------------------------------------------------------------------   I grabbed Zayn laptop, typed a few things and then Vicki's face came on the screen.   "EMMY! What's up," she said with a huge smile on her face.   "Nothing just getting ready our first date," I said a huge smile appearing on my face.   "You guys are dating," She said before falling of her coach and disappearing. "Do, do, to, do, to, do, I'm back," She said jumping back up and grabbing her laptop as I laughed.   "Yeah but I don't know what to wear," I said, still laughing.   "Bring all your clothes out," She said. I walked back to get all the clothes Zayn had bought me. I showed them all to her.   "That one," She said as I held up a sparkly knee length dress. “Do that one with a black sweater.”   "Okay, thanks, I got to go. I don't know when they’re going to be back. I'll call you after our date Thanks, bye," I said before closing the laptop. I rushed into the bathroom; I took a quick shower and then got dressed. I walked out of the bathroom and just then the boys walked in and stared at me. I blushed a little bit.   “You look great,” they all said.   “Thanks guys,” I said still blushing.   "Emily, are you ready to go," Liam asked walking in at last with my favorite blue plaid shirt on and blue jeans.   "Yep," I said walking over to him and grabbing his hand as he intertwined our finger  before walking out the door.   "Where are we going," I asked as we walked through the fans and got in the car.   "It's a surprise,” He said opening up my door and then walking over to the driver’s side.     He turned on the radio and started singing at the top of his lungs to ‘Want You Back’ by Cher Lloyd. It made me laugh. We pulled up to a park with a playground on one side and a blanket with a picnic basket and a radio. I gasped. It was so cute and sweet.   "This way," Liam said opening up my door and locking our arms together. We walked over to the blanket and sat down.    "Here you go," He said handing me a sandwich. "I made it myself."   "I don't know if I want to eat it then," I said laughing.   "Hey," He said playfully hitting my arm before tackling me to the ground. He kissed me before standing up.    "Dance with me," He said reaching his hand out. I grabbed it and he pulled me up.   The radio started playing, ‘Crazier’ by Taylor Swift. He pulled me closer and we danced. Liam started to whisper the words into my ear.    "Then you came along and you changed everything .You lift my feet off the ground, spin me around. You make me crazier, crazier. Feels like I'm falling and I'm lost in your eyes. You make me crazier, Crazier, crazier, watched from a distance as you made life your own.  Every sky was your own kind of blue and I wanted to know how that would feel"   "LIAM PAYNE!"A couple girls screamed running up to us. I pulled away from Liam and sat back down and took a bit into my sandwiched.   "Uhhh, hi," Liam said awkwardly walking over to the fans.   "Did we interrupt you," a blonde headed girl asked.   "Yeah, I was kinda on a date," Liam said scratching his head.   "With that Alex girl," a girl with red hair asked, moving closer to Liam.   "Nope, someone better," Liam said looking at me and with his eyes, telling me to get up.   "Could we get a couple of pictures with you guys," The blonde headed girl asked pulling out her camera.    Sure," Liam said walking over to her and they took a few pictures.   "Could I get a picture with you," the red headed girl asked staring at me.   "You want a picture with me?"I said     "Yeah, you’re Liam's girlfriend and Zayn's sister right," She said. I smiled at the fact that I had another label and one I like even better.   "Sure," I said taking a few pictures before Liam and the blonde headed girl joined in.   "Thank you so much Liam and…" The blonde headed girl said.   "Emily," The red headed girl answered before I could.   "And Emily," The blonde head girl said taking a picture of me and Liam. "You guys are a cute couple," She said before walking away with her friend.   "I'm really sorry," Liam said turning around.   "Its fine, are we going to finish eating," I asked walking over to the blanket and sitting down.   "I think it’s about to rain," Liam said looking up at the sky.   "Do you want to leave," I asked.   "Nope, we can stay here till it does. Do you want to play on the playground instead," Liam said. Then he grabbed my hand and we took off running for the playground. We played on the playground till it rained.   "The car is over here," Liam said pointing in the opposite direction I was going. I started running the other way when I bumped into Liam. I looked up at him laughing and then he cupped my face in his hands and kissed me.   "No PDA," I heard Zayn shouting behind me.   "Come on, let’s get out of this rain," Liam said grabbing my hand and running for the car.   "How was your first date," Harry said as I got in the car and sat down.   "Perfect," I said looking over at my Boyfriend. 
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