My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


15. She Needs Me


-----------------------------------------------------------------Liam’s POV------------------------------------   I didn't tell Vicki or Emily I was coming because I wanted it to be a surprise. It was ten o'clock when I pulled up.  A nurse walked out of the house to grab something from her car.   "I'm sorry, no visitors right now," she said. I walked right passed her and up to the door.   "Liam," she said as I opened up the door. She was laying down watching T.V.    I walked over to her. I gently picked her up and hugged her. She was where she needed to be, in my arms.   "How'd you get here? Are any of the other guys here," she asked as I put her back in her rest spot.   "No, Paul said I was the only one who could come. I have to go back in two days," I said. I sat down on the coach and she crawled onto my lap.   "Not even Zayn," she asked sounding disappointed.    I looked down at her and she smiled up at me before saying, "We are going to have a lot of fun today," she said.   "Okay, this one is the last one till tonight," the doctor said as she walked in the house. "This one just goes in your arm," she said.    Emily held her arm out and the doctor injected the kemo in.    I had to look away.  It broke my heart to walk in here in see all these cords and machines.  I don't think I could watch them do that.   "All done," I asked not turning around.   "Yep," she said.     I turned around and kissed her.   "Oh," Vicki said walking into the room and looking at me. "When did you get here?" She had what looked like dinner in her hand.   "Just now I came to see Emily," I said.   She sat down the plate of food. "How long are you here for," she asked.   "Only a couple days," I said.   She sat down and turned the T.V on.    Emily looked really tired so I set her gently on the coach and walked to a different seat.   "Where are you going," she asked as she sat up and looked at me.   "I wanted you to be more comfortable," I said getting up and walking back over to her.   "This coach is big enough for both of us," she said moving up closer to the edge so I could lay behind her.   "I'm going to go change first," I said grabbing my stuff and walking into the bathroom. I changed into basketball shorts and a batman shirt. Emily loved it when I wore this shirt. I walked out to see Emily still at the edge of the coach waiting for me. I smiled at her and gently lied down on the coach next to her trying to make sure I didn't touch any of the cords.   "We do have other beds if you guys want to move," Vicki said laughing at us as I tried to make sure Emily didn't fall off the coach.   "She is already asleep though and I don't want to wake her up," I said sitting up.    Vicki shrugged but soon I got up and picked her up while Vicki followed behind me with the machines that kept her alive. I lied her down in the bed and made sure she was comfortable before I lied down.   "Thanks," I said to Vicki as she walked out. "For taking care of her when I couldn't."    She smiled then shut the door.   "Goodnight, I love you," I said as she snuggled up closer to me.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------   I woke up in the middle of the night and had song lyrics in my head. I shifted Emily off me gently and walked into the living room where a piano was. I sat there and wrote down all the lyrics that came to my head.  I began to play the piano and sang the lyrics along.   "Four letter wordBut I don't have the guts to say itSmile 'til it hurtsLet's not make it complicatedWe've got a storyBut I'm about to change the endingYou're perfect for meYou're more than just a friendSo we can just stop pretending nowGotta let you know somehowI'll be your shelterI'll be your stormI'll make you shiverI'll keep you warmWhatever weatherBaby I'm yoursBe your forever, be your flingBaby I will be your everythingBaby IBaby I willBaby I will be your everything"   Once I was done I started to cry. I couldn't think about the fact that I might be losing the one I love.   "Do you really think she is going to make it," Vicki asked.    She must have heard me playing cause she was crying to. "I don't really know," I said coming to realize that I was right. I didn't know if she was going to make it.   "It’s an amazing song. By the way and Emily needs you guys here, she needs all of you here," she said breaking the silence.    I smiled before walking back to my room where Emily was still asleep. I lied down and she moved closer to me. "It’s a great song," she said laying her head on my chest. I smiled then went to sleep.   -------------------------------------------------------------------------   I woke up early to a knock on the door. I got up and opened the door.   "Hello, I'm here for Emily," the nurse said as I let her in. "Where is she?” She walked into the room.  I led her to the room where she was sleeping.    "Do you think she'll make it" I asked as she got a needle out.   "I think she might," she said.   I instantly got a smile on my face. I got what I need to hear, that she was going to make it.    "I can tell you needed to hear that," she said smiling up at me.   "You’re right; I did need to hear that," I said as I went and sat on the bed as she injected it again. I could feel her tense up but she never woke up.   "She is responding to the kemo very good. She should be done with it in about a year, maybe less," she said and the she left.   Liam," she said opening her eyes up and looking up at me.   "Yeah," I said pushing the hair out of her face.    "Let’s do something fun today," she said sitting up.   "Like what?   "Well, I have a nurse coming again for a checkup and if its good news I just have a port and I get to take all of these cords off for most of the day," she sounded so happy when she said it.   "All right, let’s talk to the boys while we are waiting. I know they were all upset cause they couldn't come," I said grabbing my laptop.   "I'm your background," she said laughing.    I could feel my face getting red. "I needed some way to see you all the time," I said laughing with her. "All the boy’s laptops are the same except it’s you and them," I said clicking on Skype. Sure enough as soon as I signed in Zayn called me.   "Guys, I got um," Zayn said. Soon three of the boys were huddled around the camera.   "How’s it going guys," I asked as soon as they were all quiet.   "Okay, our concert is tomorrow night. When are you leaving," Zayn asked.   "Tomorrow morning," I said.   "Emily, how are you doing," Louis asked with concern written all over his face.   "Good, how many more concerts till you’re done," she asked.    Vicki was right she really did need us.   "We have three more I think," Harry said speaking up for the first time. The rest of them nodded in agreement.   "Hey, where’s Niall," She asked, realizing he was gone.   "I think he is trying to convince Paul to let us all come and see you after the concert tomorrow," Louis said looking around.   "It’s not fair that only Liam gets to see you," Harry said folding his arms across his chest.    Emily immanently jumped up. "I hope you guys come out here soon.  I get lonely," she said sitting back down.   "You gotta take it easy, remember what the doctors said," I said making sure she wouldn't hurt herself.   "Typical Liam, always worrying," Niall said showing up.   "Niall," Emily said but calmer this time, remembering what I said. We were all quiet waiting for Niall's answer.   "So," Zayn said getting anxious.   "He said we can't go after this one but next week we can," Niall said smiling at me.   "It’s better than nothing."    I heard Paul in the background say, "You better be back by tomorrow night Liam"   "I will,"  I said.   "Emily, are you ready for your check up," a nurse asked walking in.    She nodded I could tell she was nervous. "Bye guys. Love you," she said waving goodbye and shutting the computer. For about five minutes she did regular checkup stuff till she stopped for a minute.   "Well," Emily said getting excited.   "I think you will be okay for now but we will have to hook you back up if anything happens," the nurse said as she walked over to me. "It hurts a lot when we pull some of these out. Do you think you could calm her down?"    I smiled nervously and nodded. Emily heard her and tensed up.   "I'll be here the whole time," I said tensing up myself as she started to pulling the needles out of her. She closed her eyes and I kissed the top of her head.   "I love you," she said keeping her eyes closed.   "I love you to," I said as she looked up at me.   "All done," the nurse said moments later. "You still have to take it easy though"   "I know," Emily said smiling up at me.   "How about we leave and go get ice cream. That's taking it easy still right," I said.   "Yes. I'm getting tired of this house," she said getting off of the bed.   "We'll be back later," I told Vicki as we walked out of the house.    We got in the car and drove to the nearest ice cream place. "I'll have pistachio and if I remember right, you like cookie dough," I said turning around and looking at Emily.    She nodded.     I turned around. "That’s it"   "Okay and I'm a huge fan! Emily I hope you get better," the waitress said handing me the ice cream.   "Thanks," I said walking away to where Emily was sitting down.   "Thanks. I’m so glad to be out of there," she said taking a bite out of her ice cream. "So, what are we doing next week when you guys come back?"   "Anything you want but I kinda want to go to a beach or something," I said taking another bite into my ice cream. "What do you want to do next week?" I wanted to make the two days we were going to get the best.   "I want to go to one of the great lakes, I want to watch the stars on top of a cliff, I want to go to a dance," she said. She sounded like she was naming off what she wanted to do before you die. "Do you think I'm going to make it?" She looked up at me.   "I know you are going to make it," I said grabbing her hand .She smiled but she looked really tired. "Are you ready to go," I asked.   "I hate doing kemo. It always makes me so tired," she said yawning. We both got up and walked out to the car. It was only one o'clock but she looked like she had been up all night. I drove to the house and we got out. I walked her to the bedroom and she lied down.   "Could you sing that song to me," she asked.    I was guessing she was talking about the song from last night.   Four letter wordBut I don't have the guts to say itSmile 'til it hurtsLet's not make it complicatedWe've got a storyBut I'm about to change the endingYou're perfect for meYou're more than just a friendSo we can just stop pretending now I gotta let you know somehow" I sang it to her. but when I got to the chorus she was already asleep.   "Good night I love you," I said as I got up and left.
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