My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


20. Recovering

2 Months later


 After a very long operation Emily was recovering. We planned on moving back to England today where Emily would live with me. We just had one last thing to do.

"Ready to go?" Zayn asked Emily. If things were good we were going from the hospital to the airport.

 "Ready as ever" She said. I think we were all a little nervous. We were all tired of hearing bad news.

"Hope everything goes good for you guys, call me when you can" Vicki said saying her goodbyes to each of us.

"Vicki, I can't stand to be away from you for so long" Louis paused, "Will you please come live with me?"

"Finally you ask!"Vicki said running into her room and already bringing out packed suitcases making all of us laugh.

"What about the house?"Louis asked.

"I already have my sister moving back in" She said shuffling out the door with five suitcases in her hands. The rest of us grabbed our suitcases and got into the car. We drove to the hospital and did the same routine check in.

"Alright the doctor will be in soon" The nurse said smiling at all of us. She had just done some testing and we were waiting for the news on whether Emily was okay or not. We were all silent until the doctor walked in.

"I'm just going to come right out and say it" The doctor said. She was still sick we all knew it.

"It’s cleared you are free to go. But I still want you to rest with the operation you had its going to take a while to recover" He said happily smiling before hugging Emily and shaking all of our fans. We all jumped up in excitement.

"I don't think I've had one patient have as much support as you have congrats!"He smiled before walking out.

"I knew you would be okay" Zayn said picking up Emily in a hug and spinning her around. They all gave her hugs and spun her around I'm surprised she wasn’t dizzy afterwards.

"I love you" I said walking up to her.

"I love you to" She said before I kissed her.

"PG people!"Louis said laughing.

"I love all of you guys" She said, "If it wasn’t for you guys I don't think I would have made it

"I think this calls for a group hug" Harry said as he hugged Emily and then everyone joined in. 

"We have to go guys" Vicki said when all seven of us stopped hugging. I grabbed Emily's hand and we left the hospital. We were both eager to get back to England.


"Ready to go" Liam said as we grabbed our stuff out of the car and made our way towards the doors of the airport. There where fans everywhere. Zayn wrapped his arm around me and Liam grabbed my hand being the protective boys they are.

"Can we talk to some of them please" I said looking up and Zayn and Liam. They both exchanged looks before looking a Paul.

"Can we Paul?"Liam asked. He nodded and I walked over by the fans.

 "Hello" I said smiling.

"Hi Emily I love you so much!"A girl with brown hair squealed 

"Can we get a picture with you and Liam and Zayn" Her blond friend screamed over all the noise.

"Of course" I said as we huddled around them and took a quick picture. We talked to a couple other fans on our way to the plane with the other three boys following behind.

"I love your fans" I said sitting in my seat.

"Do you need anything?"Zayn said coming up behind me.

"No, I'm just a little tired" I said yawning and resting my head on Liam as he put his arm around me.

"Night babe" Liam said kissing my head.

"Night" I said smiling.


"Emily wake up we're here."Liam said shaking me softly. I was happy to finally be home.

"There are too many fans to talk to, so just keep walking" One of the security guards told us as we walked out of the plane reliving all the screaming fans. Zayn and Liam took there positions beside me like always. We were pretty much pushed out of the airport. Making sure we couldn't talk to fans.

"Perrie wants to see me" Zayn said. I was a little sad I wanted to spend time with him but I understood she hasn’t seen him in a while.

"Okay Bye tell her I said hi" I said hugging him before he got in a separate car and left. Vicki and Louis also left as she wanted to unpack. Harry and Niall left and went to Harry’s house to play Fifa. It left me and Liam.

"You look tired want to go home?"Liam said as we got in the car.

"Ya I'm not feeling too good I have a horrible headache “I said holding my head as if it would help.

"I'm sorry love" He said rubbing my arm," I'll make you some tea when we get home" He knew me to well. It was a short trip to the house but I was half asleep. Liam decided to carry me inside he gently put me in the bed.

"Do you still want that tea" Liam asked before kissing my check.

"Yes please" I said closing my eyes .He was back in five minutes with tea in his hand.

"Here you go love" He whispered. I sat up and took a couple sips before lying back down. Liam wrapped his arms around me.

I fell asleep as soon as he said "I love you babe"

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