My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


12. My life changes with one visit


The next morning I was still really sick but now I was even getting worse. I was getting nose bleeds and I couldn't even walk straight. I could tell all the boys were getting worried.   "Come on," Liam said.    I looked up from the coach and saw Zayn and him standing over me. "Where are we going," I asked keeping my eyes closed cause my head hurt more when they were open.   "To the hospital, I'm not going to sit here and watch you in this much pain," Zayn said, as two arms wrapped around me and picked me up. Then one of them put a blanket over me. I opened my eyes but then quickly shut them because the pain was too much. Liam was carrying me and Zayn was holding my hand.   "Keep them closed Emily," Zayn said, squeezing my hand. We got outside where all the fans were.   "HEY,"I heard Liam and Zayn scream. "You guys need to be quiet, please, she is sick and has a headache so could you guys be quiet till we leave," they both asked.  Everything went quiet. I smiled; they had made their fans be quiet for me.   "I love you guys," I said smiling at them.   "I love you too," Zayn said as he grabbed me and laid me down in the car.   "Forever and always," Liam said. He got in and put my head in his lap as he brush his hands through my hair.   -------------------------------------------------------Liam'sPOV-----------------------------------------------------------------   Emily fell asleep on the way to the hospital. I could tell Zayn was doing the same thing I was, thinking about what is wrong. I kept thinking of the worst possible things.   "I don't want to lose her," Zayn said I could tell he has been crying this whole time.   "I know, I don't want to either but we won't lose her trust me,” I said as we both looked down at her.   "We’re here," the driver said.    I looked up at Zayn who looked just as worried as I was. I got out of the car. Zayn was carrying Emily. We walked into the hospital and Zayn sat down with her. I went to talk with the front desk lady. “Hi, I'm here with Emily Malik, she hasn’t been feeling very well lately,” I said as I pointed to her.   "What are her symptoms," she asked while writing down something on her computer.   "She has bloody noses, really bad headaches, she can't walk straight, she is always tired and she is vomiting," I said trying to make sure I got everything. Her face got really worried and my heart started pounding "What," I said.     "Come with me, bring her and her brother," she said.    I motioned to Zayn to come. We walked into a room. He sat her down on a bed and sat next to her.  I went to go get another chair.  I walked into the room where doctors were all around Emily talking to both her and Zayn.   "Who are you," the doctor said to me.   "The boyfriend,” I said. I looked at her she was smiling and then she opened up her eyes and stared at me.   "Come sit next to me," she said. I did exactly that, pushing through the doctors to get to the side of the bed. I grabbed her hand.     "I'm going to call our parents and tell them what’s going on," Zayn said. He walked out of the room.   "Come lay with me," she said. I got up and slowly lying down on the bed next to her. She snuggled into my chest and I put my arm around. She started mumbling a song but I couldn't hear but when I did, tears started to form under my eyes.   "I want you forever, forever and always Through the good and the bad and the ugly We'll grow old together, and always remember Whether happy or sad or whatever We'll still love each other, forever and always Forever and always, forever and always," She sang then I remembered the last part of the song.   "That's not going to happen," I said looking down at her.   "I know but I like that part of the song," She said. She looked up at me and kissing me.  We lay there waiting for all the doctors to leave.   ------------------------------------------------------------Emily’s POV----------------------------------------------------------   I hated hospitals but I had no choice but to come. Liam was lying next to me singing songs to me.   "Sir, can I talk to you for a minute," a doctor said looking at Liam. Zayn was already standing outside next to the doctor when I looked over there.     "I love you," Liam said. He got up and kissed my forehead. I sat there staring at them as they talked out of hearing range. Then Liam and Zayn both looked at me mouths wide open then they both walked away from the door so I couldn't see them.     "What," I asked as the doctor walked in.     "I think it would be better if they told you. They asked me not to tell you because they want to," he said before more and more doctors walked into my room and started hooking me up to wires.     ------------------------------------------------------------------Liam’s POV---------------------------------------------------   I buried my head in my hands and cried. I could hear Zayn was doing the same. I didn't want to be in there when the doctors put all the wires in her. I couldn't even stand thinking about it.     "You can go in there now. They are done. I didn't tell her," he said before walking away. I walked over to Zayn and we both walked into the room together. She was hooked up to so many machines. It took all I had to not cry because it broke my heart.     "She can't stay on tour with us," Zayn said standing on the other side of the bed.     "We can end it," I said.     "No we can't, our manger won't let us," he said.  I knew he was right.     "Could you guys tell me what’s wrong with me," she said but I ignored her.     "She can stay with Vicki," Zayn said.   "She’s good friends with her now. I'm sure she would be fine with it."     "Yeah, we have to tell the guys. It’s going to be hard to tell them," I said     "It’s not going to be easy for any of us," Zayn said     "Could one of you tell me what’s going on," Emily asked.      "Are you going to tell her," I said looking over at Zayn. I hoped he would say yes.      "No, I can't do it," he said sitting down and grabbing her hands. Tears filled his eyes.     "Emily," I said sitting down and letting the tears pour out that I was holding in. "You have a Brain tumor and since they didn't catch before, they aren't sure what’s going to happen to you." She started to cry and it made Zayn and I cry even more.
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