My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


13. Making Plans


 I lay in my bed and watched as Liam and Zayn called all the boys and then my parents. 

"Hello? Yeah, could you come to the hospital," Liam said, talking to one of the boys. "I want to tell all of you together."

"Mom," I heard Zayn calling the last person. "When do you think you could come to the U.S," he asked with tears coming out of his eyes. "Emily is sick. She has a brain tumor," he said breaking down as he said the two last words. “We just found out this morning. I called as soon as I found out. Okay, I'll tell her I love you to mom," He said hanging up the phone and walking over to me. “She said they are going to wait for a little while before coming out"

"What’s going on," Louis asked as they all walked into the room.

"Emily, are you okay," Harry asked, pushing through the two other boys who were sitting in the door way shocked.

"Could you go get Liam, I want to tell you guys all at the same time," I said.  Zayn walked out to go get him.

"Are you going to tell them," Zayn said looking at me.

 I shook my head no. I didn't think I would be able to say the two words myself without breaking down in tears. 

He sighed and said, "Emily has a brain tumor"

"It’s curable right," they asked.

"They aren't sure," I said as Liam grabbed my hand.

"What do you mean? It just started to happen, you just started getting sick," Harry said looking at me with tears falling down his face.

"The doctor said it’s been there for a while, it just hasn’t affected her until now," Liam said.

"We are canceling the tour right? She isn't going to be alone in here," Niall said walking farther into the room and standing by Zayn.

"No. You guys can't let down your fans, besides I can stay at a hospital by Vicki's house and she can come visit me,or I can go home" I said.

 "That's to far of a ride you have to stay in the U.S doctors orders"Zayn said

"I'll call Vicki right now," Louis said. He walked out of the room with tears coming down his face.

"Why don't I pay for you to have the treatment in her house," Liam said getting up and walking towards Louis.

"What kind of treatment are you getting," Harry asked, walking over to my bed and sitting down.

"Chemo, well, that's what I was thinking about doing," I said. 

"Vicki said that it would be fine,” Louis said as he walked into the room.

"Liam, I don't want you to pay that. I can just stay in the hospital," I said 

"We can all pitch in," Harry said. Everyone nodded in agreement.

"How are you feeling," a doctor asked sitting at the door way.

"Okay," I said.

"Okay if you need anything just let the nurses know,or these five other boys in here" the doctor said smiling.

"I was wondering if we could move her to Michigan and into a house," Liam asked, getting up and walking up to the doctor.

--------------------------------------------------------------------Liam’s POV---------------------------------------------------

"Yes and since we are so close to Michigan, I think it okay if you drove her there if you want," the doctor said.  The other four boys walked out.

 "We could take the bus. That way she could be comfortable," Harry said. We nodded.

"Okay, I would start driving tonight and we will notify the doctors at the hospital there," the doctor said walking away.

"We will go get the bus. Liam, could you bring her out," Zayn asked. I nodded and walked back in the room as the other boys went in the other direction. I walked in the room where Emily was sleeping. I picked her up and she jumped a little.

"It’s okay. It’s just me," I said and she put her face farther into my chest. I walked out of the room and outside where millions of reporters were waiting for us.

 "What’s wrong with Emily? Did you really cheat on her? Is she going to make it? What will happen to the tour?" I heard all those questions about one hundred times before we got to the safety of the bus.

"Can't you see she is sick, just leave us alone," Louis said, before getting out of the bus and taking Emily from me. We got on the bus and left. I walked over to where all the other boys were sitting around playing video games but none of them were really focused on the game. Finally Niall got up and threw the controller across the bus.

"This shouldn't be like this. We are all supposed to be happy. Nobody is supposed to be sick," he said before sitting back down and putting head in hands.

"Emily, you’re awake,” Louis said, walking over to Emily. We all followed after walking up into her bedroom.

"It’s my last day with you guys so let’s do something fun," she said smiling and getting up.

"Like what," Harry asked.

"I don't know. I know, let’s play a game," she said. She walked over to where all our movies and games were. We spent the night playing games and all of us almost forgot about Emily being sick, almost.

"Let’s watch a movie," Harry said, after we played every game we had.

"What movie," Louis asked getting up and jumping around the bus like a three year old.

"Finding Nemo," Niall said getting up, walking over and putting it in the DVD player. We got up and sat down on the coach. Emily sat between Zayn and I.

"I love you," Zayn said as she snuggled up to him.

"I love you to," she said before sitting up. "I love all of you guys. You are all like my brothers," she said and then she leaned in and kissed me.

"I love you," she said before climbing up in my lap.

"I love you to," I said.


"Morning," Emily said, waking all of us up. "Get up, you guys, we are here," she said as the bus came to a halt. So we all got up still a little tired but excited to see Vicki. We walked out of the bus and into the driveway.

"Where’s Louis," Harry asked.

"He jumped out of the bus as soon as we pulled up. The bus hadn’t even stopped," Emily said laughing. We walked out and Louis and Vicki were still hugging on the porch.

"Emily," Vicki said jumping off the porch and running to Emily. They hugged and then we all walked inside her house.

"Where do you want Emily's stuff," Zayn asked as he walked in with Emily's suitcase.

"Put it in the room she had before," she said pointing to the hallway.

"Got any food," Niall asked as he walked into the kitchen

"I have waffle biscuits"She siad making all of us laugh.

 "You always have really weird food," I said laughing. I walked up to Emily and wrapped my arms around her.

"You guys, we have to leave, management is getting angry," Niall said. I let go of Emily.

 She walked up to Niall. "Bye Niall. I'm going to miss you so much. I love you," she said hugging him as tears ran down her face. Niall pulled away. He was also crying and he gave her a kiss on the cheek. "I love you to," he said before walking out the door.

"Louis," she said walking up to him and hugged him. "I love you. I'm going to miss your silliness," she said laughing as she pulled away. They were both crying but laughing at the same time.

"I'm only a phone call away. Stay strong Emily," he said before kissing her on the cheek. He walked up to Vicki for their goodbye. "Bye Vicki. I love you, babe, "he said before kissing her.

 “I love you to," she said. They walked out. 

Emily walked up to Harry, who was crying before she even was over there.

"You’re the best Harry. I love you," She said hugging him tight.

"I love you to. Don't give up," he said before kissing her forehead.

 "Emily," Zayn said walking up and hugging her. "I love you so much. You are the best sister. I'll be back here as soon as I can." he said.

"I love you to, big brother," she said with a smile.He pulled away and kissed her cheek. She hugged him one more time, before he walked out. 

She walked up to me and hugged me.

"You better call me whenever you can," she said hugging me.

"Every chance I get," I said hugging her tight.

"I love you so much." she said still not letting me go.

"I love you to. Don't leave me," I said pulling away and kissing her.

"Wouldn't think of it," she said. “I'll walk out with you," she said with tears running down her cheeks as I walked out the door. I grabbed her hand and we made the short walk back to the bus. I turned around kissed her one last time and hugged her. I never wanted to be without her by my side. "I love you," I said as I got on the bus.

"I love you to," she said as the door closed. I turned around and everybody was crying. I looked out the window and saw Emily one last time then the tears came out.

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