My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


5. He tells me breaks my heart


I woke up that morning all by myself.  I looked around trying to see where they were I walked into the kitchen where I found a note it said:    Went out for breakfast, and didn't want to wake you.  I will bring you back something, Love you.    Great, I was all by myself for who knows how long I was going to be alone for.  I sat down on the couch and turned the T.V on, trying to find something to watch.  Finding nothing, I decided to take a shower and go walk around.  I walked of the door and walked down to a McDonald’s and got something to eat, then walked out and was about to walk into another store when I saw the guys.   "Emily!  We didn't think you were ever going to get up.”  Niall said, who still had food from where ever they went.   "You should have tried to wake me, I wanted to go” I said, playfully hitting Niall.   "We did!  You just kept mumbling things.“ He said before drinking his pop. “Well come on lets go do something.  We have to be at the stage by 2:30.”  Niall said.  It was already 12:30, so we couldn't really do a lot.   "Let’s go to that moonwalk place. “  Louis said.   "Are we even allowed in there? “  Liam said.   "I don't know but let’s go find out. “  Louis said running down the street like a 4 year old.   "Whoever marries him is going to have a handful.“ I said laughing and running after him.   "Can out...till 2:00?”  Louis asked the lady, panting.   "Yeah but it’s going to cost you a lot because its last minute.“ The lady at the desk said as Louis pulled a whole bunch of money out his pocket.   "This should cover it.”  He said, and then he ran into one of the bouncy houses.  We all chased after him, giggling at his immatureness.  The one we went into was an obstacle course Louis and I went first.   "ONE, TWO, THREE, GO!”  Niall screamed and we started running through the course.  Every time I was almost caught up to him, he would push me over and start running again.  I finally got to the slide and jumped down it, only to land on my face when I got down.   "Did you get that on tape?“  Louis said laughing along with the others.   "Lou it’s not funny!  My face hurts now.”  I said, pouting.   "Here let me see. “  Liam said walking over to me, and he put my face in his hands and examined my face. I stared in his eyes, totally mesmerized by their sparkle.    "Still beautiful.”  He said making butterflies erupt in my stomach.  He got up and walked back to the rest of the guys that were still laughing.  Liam and Zayn went next.  Zayn did the same thing I did, but Louis got it on video this time.   "Guess we know were Emily gets it from.”  Louis said. Harry and Liam went next this time, and they both fell.     "Never gets old" Louis said laughing. We moved on to another one this, but this one was just a normal one.  Soon Liam told us it was time to go.  We grabbed our shoes and called someone to pick us up to take us to their sound check.   "You guys are all sweaty and nasty.“  I said getting in to the car.  I regretted saying that as soon as I said it, because they all gave me a huge hug and didn't let me go till we got to the stage.   ------------------------------------------------------------------   "Good night D.C, we love you" The boys said running off stage and changing really quickly.   "Ready to go?”  Louis asked, sounding excited to see his girlfriend.   "Yeah!”  We all exclaimed.  We walked out and on to the tour bus, where Louis called her again.   "Hey we are on are way should get there sometime in the afternoon then we are there for 2 more days.”  He said before walking into the back of the bus and Liam walked in on the phone with someone.   "No, you don't understand!  I really like you Alex! Please just give me a real chance.”  He pleaded. He looked panicked, and he was pacing.    "Alex!  Alex, you there?  She hung up on me.”  He said looking at me.  He ran his hand through his hair, tousling it slightly.   "Maybe she isn't worth all of this.”  I said as he sat down next to me.   "No she is.  We are stopping at her home town next, and I’m going to win her back" He said, deep in thought.  I wish he would do that the same for me.   "Emily, don't tell anyone this but I think I love this girl.”  He said, taking my whole heart and breaking it. More like stomping on it then putting it through a shredder. I got up and walked into the back, tears streaming down my face, as Louis was walking out.   "I got to go.  Bye, love you Vicki.”  He said, hanging up.   "Emily, what’s wrong" He asked me, seeing the tears on my face   "I'm in love with Liam, and he loves this other girl who he barely knows.  I've been with him longer than she has!  Why can't he like me, not her?”  I said letting everything I’ve been holding in, out.   "Because he’s stupid.”  Louis said smiling.  He wiped my tears before we walked over to the bunk beds and sat there, and talked about this whole thing. New tears streamed down my face as we talked.  Then Zayn came in, saw the tears on my face, sat down, and talked about it with everyone, and soon all of us us but Liam was in the back talking to me about my whole situation.   "If it makes you feel any better I will date you!”  Niall yelled, and I just laughed, and hugged him.  We all fell asleep, and didn't wake up till we got to Michigan.  We pulled right up to Vicki's house, and Louis jumped out and ran up to the house, but Vicki beat him there opening up the door.   "LOU!" she screamed giving him a hug.  Louis picked her up and spun her around like I wished Liam would do for me.  The porch was small though, and they fell off of it, yet they only laughed and then kissed they said some other things to each other but I couldn't hear, since I was too far away.  Vicki got up, and ran over to us.   "Hi I’m Vicki" she said giving me a hug.  She seemed really nice, and absolutely perfect for Louis.   "Hi I’m Emily.”  I said hugging her back.  She introduced herself to everyone, then invited us in her house.     "It’s great having another girl to talk to!  I was getting tired of talking to those idiots back there.”  I said, laughing.   "Hey!”  They all shouted, making Vicki and I laugh more.  We walked in with our bags, and sat them down on the couch.  Niall walked straight for the kitchen, as he always does.   "I'm hungry. “  He said patting his somehow flat stomach.   "I made cookies there on the counter.”  She said walking in after him, and pointing to them.   "What kind? “  He asked as we all walked in.  He sniffed them, and turned back to Vicki.   "Love cookies.”  She said as we all started laughing.   "What are those? “  Harry asked her, confused.   "Pretty much just regular cookies but with jelly in them.”  She explained, and Harry nodded, understanding.   "Eww!”  We all groaned, except for Niall he grabbed them and ate almost all of them.  We walked out leaving Niall in there eating the cookies, and went to find our rooms.   "Louis and I will stay in here. “  She said pointing into one of the rooms.   "You and Zayn can stay in this one. “  She said looking at me then showing us the room.  I dropped my stuff on one of the beds and started grabbing the few things I brought and putting them away.                                                                                              LiamPOV   I was sleeping on the couch because Vicki ran out of rooms to give me.  I was actually kinda glad I was by myself.  I didn't want to have to explain to anyone about why I kept trying to win Alex back.   "Hey Liam.”  Vicki greeted me, walking out of her room. I smiled at her.   "Hey.”  I said as she came and sat down next to me.  "Where’s Louis?" I asked.   "He left to go get a movie for us to watch.”  She said.  “So, Louis wanted me to talk to you about this girl Alex?”  Great, so I was going to have to talk about it anyhow.   "Yeah, she said that she liked someone else, and that’s the only reason she was dating me, but I think I love her. “  I said giving her the short version.   "Well maybe you should just move on.  There has to be someone else.”  She said   "No there isn't.  She’s the one.“  I said looking down.  “And I'm going to do everything I can to get her back."   "Ok well I hope you end up with her.”  She said before giving me a hug and walking back around the corner and to her room.  Something was off.  Her smile was 100% fake, and forced.                                                                                             Emily’s POV   Did I really have to overhear that?  I tried getting it out of my head because I didn't want to have to think about the guy I was in love with going after another girl.  I walked back into my room where Zayn was playing a video game.   "What’s wrong?”  He said seeing the sadness in my eyes.  He paused his game, and turned to me.   "Nothing.  I've just decided to try and move on from Liam.”  I said half smiling. I sat next to him, and  I took a deep breath, but knew inside my new plan was going to fail.  I was in love with him, and nothing was going to change that.
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