My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


6. He Is The Only One For Me


Go on," I said hoping he felt the same way I did about him.   "Well I'm dating someone," he said looking at me with those big brown eyes.   My heart felt heavy in my chest. "What! I mean whom," I said masking the real way I felt.   "It’s Alex. We had a long talk last night she apologized and everything she said she didn't know what she was saying," He said seeing that I was upset.   "She’s not the girl for you Liam," I said crossing my arms. "I know who is," I mumbled under my breath.   "What," He said looking at me funny.   "Nothing come on lets go," I said walking away. We walked around the corner and saw everyone was sitting on the coach.    "We gave up," Vicki said looking up at both of us. I could see that she wanted to ask me what was going on but thankfully she didn’t.   "I'm hungry," Niall said   "When aren't you," I said looking over at him with a smile.   "You guys want to go out to eat," Harry suggested. We all shook our heads, yes and walked out the door. I sat by Vicki then Zayn on the other side. Liam sat in front of me he kept getting texts and smiling I looked over his shoulder and read one of them. It said: Liam, you’re the best I love you lol. I saw him reply back: I love you to just think in 5 days we get to see each other and I can hold you in my arms. I didn't know what to think I just wanted to be her so bad. I wanted to be held in his arms and tell him I love you.   "Where, here," Harry asked.  We were standing in front of a pancake house. We all jumped out and went into the restaurant.   "I'll have the French toast please," Liam said   "Do you guys have something that comes with a biscuit and sausage and pancakes," Louis asked. The waitress shook her head. "Okay, I'll have that please."    "I'll have pancakes with bacon," Harry said   "I'll have the eggs, French toast, sausage, bacon and toast," Niall said looking at all of us. We were all staring at him.     How could the kid eat so much? I laughed. "I'll have French toast too please," I said   "I'll have the eggs and toast," Zayn said   "I'll have the same thing he is getting," Vicki said pointing to Louis. The waitress took our menus and left.   "So guys, I have something to tell you," Liam said.    I knew what was coming and it broke my heart to think about it. "I'm dating someone." Everyone turned their head to me then back at Liam they all knew I liked him I guess they thought I was finally getting my happily ever after.   "You is it,” Niall said.  Zayn put thumbs up to me thinking I was the one that was dating him.   "Alex," He said. Everyone’s head shot back at Liam their jaws dropped to the floor. At least I wasn’t the only one who was sort of surprised earlier.    "Her! You have to be kidding me!" Zayn said   "Liam, there's another girl out there for you, other than her trust me," Louis said "Before you guys say anything else I really like this girl wait no I love this girl and I don't want to lose her again," We were all silent till the food came out.   ‘I love her i don't want to lose her.’ Those words played on and on in my head.  He would never see it.   "Are you guys really that mad about me dating her," Liam finally said   "No, that's not what we’re mad about. Liam, there's another girl out there for you, it’s not her," Zayn said before stuffing his mouth full of eggs.   "You guys act like you know who this girl i that is supposed to be my girlfriend,” Liam said looking at all of us then turning back to his food.    "That’s because we do!" Niall blurted out.   I gulped, awkward!    "What?" Liam said looking at Niall confused.   "Never mind," Niall said turning to his food again. We ate in silence till we were all done. We all got up and walked outside and to the car. I out my head up against the window and quickly fell asleep.   "Emily, get up were here," Harry said gently shaking my arm. I rubbed my eyes and got out of the car ready to following every one inside.   "Emily, wait!" Harry said I turned around and looked at him    "Yes?" I said looking at him   "I like you a lot and I know you like Liam but just one date that's all I'm asking," He said    "I don't know Harry," I said sighing. I did like him; I just liked Liam way more and I didn't want him to get between Harry and I if we did end up staying together.   "Just one, if it doesn't work we can go back to normal like it never happened," He said    "Harry that’s not it, I love Liam and if for some crazy reason he decides he likes me back, I would go for him in a heartbeat. If we were dating I would hate myself for doing that to you," I said looking into his green eyes.   "Just one please," He said looking disappointed.    I sighed I knew he wasn’t going to stop till I said yes. "Yes," I said before turning around and walking into the house all the guys and Vicki were sitting on the coach watching T.V   "What were you guys doing out there," Niall asked.   "Nothing, just talking," I said I could tell Niall already knew about.   "About what?" Niall said with a huge smile plastered on his face.   "Harry and I are going on a date tomorrow for lunch," I said looking at everyone’s expressions. Everyone smiled and started saying things like I knew he was going to ask. Zayn gave me a nod meaning he approves.    "I think I'm gonna go to bed night," I said. I wanted to avoid the questions because I had a ton of my own. I walked into my room where my phone was vibrating.   -------------------------------NEW MESSAGE----------------------------------------------   From: LeeYum My best friend <3   I don't approve   ---------------------------------------------   I replied back   ------------------------------NEW MESSAGE---------------------------------------------   To: LeeYum My best friend <3   Why he is your best friend?   ------------------------------------------   I waited for a reply but nothing came. “You better get up and get ready for your date with Harry," Zayn said while jumping on my bed. I got up took and quick shower and put on my favorite outfit and then went and sat down on the coach.   "Ready to go?" Harry said putting his hand out. I took his hand and stood up waving bye to everyone else. We drove down the road talking about him and when he was on the X factor. We got there and I went to open the door but he was already there opening it for me.   At least he acted like a gentlemen out on a date! I giggled to myself.   He looked at me as we walked into the restaurant and sat down at a table that was next to the window.   “What were you laughing about?”   “I don’t really know. I just find it weird that here I am on a date with you, one of my best friends!”   He smiled at me. “I find it a little weird also.” He took my hand in his and his eyes smiled. “But I’m enjoying it.”   The waiter came and we ordered our food. We sat in silence trying to figure out what to say. “So, how are you enjoying your tour so far,” I asked.   “Loving it so far, it makes it better now that you’re here.”   I smiled and blushed a little bit. “Thanks.” Our food came and we dove in. Over the meal we talked about random stuff. I could feel myself getting closer to him but that was a good and a bad thing. Everything was so confusing. Why couldn’t Liam just say he loved me or not? Why couldn’t I say the same?   We were soon done and we got up and left. The ride home was mostly silent.   "I had fun," Harry finally said.   "Me too," I said looking Harry who was staring at the rode in front of us.    "Does that mean we can do this again," He asked looking at me then back at the road.   What should I say? I sighed. I would tell him the truth. "Harry, I like you but Liam owns my heart it will always be like that, he is the only one for me," I said smiling at the last part. "Are we okay? I would hate to lose what a great thing we have as friends?"  I saw that we were already home and I got out of the car.   "Yeah," He said, before kissing me on the cheek. "But if you change your mind, I'm always here" He said walking away.  I was glad that he understood, friends forever.    I walked inside after him and sat down on the coach next to Liam. "Are you two official now?" Liam asked staring at the T.V   "No, just friends, I've got someone else on my mind," I said before snuggling up to him and watching our favorite movie. Toy Story.
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