My Brother's Bestfriend

Emily's brother is Zayn Malik, yes from One Direction but she is also in love with his band mate Liam Payne, who always seems to have a girlfriend. So when she goes on tour with her brother, will she forget about him and move on or will she be stuck loving someone who she can't have?


3. a word to my heart... of pain


I stood there and just stared at them. "Why is she here?"   "We're still friends," Liam said. I looked over at Niall who was staring at me and I mouth-worded, "Did I just say that out loud?" hH nodded his head. Shoot, that is super embarrassing. We all sat there staring at each other.   Finally Danielle coughed and stood up. "Well, I got to go. Nice to see you again Emily," she said.   "Nice to see you too." I really did like her but I hated how she treated Liam and that he was still talking to her. I guess that I wanted him to understand that she wasn't good for him but he refused to see that. Pfft. Dumb boy.   "I'll walk you out," Liam offered, getting up as well. As Liam followed the brown-haired girl, I collapsed on the couch. I didn't want to talk about it. All I wanted was to be alone, but of course, they were all staring at me. I closed my eyes, trying to block them out. I had almost fallen asleep when Liam came back in slamming the door behind him. "That was a little rude," Liam stated. I could tell he was mad at me, so I blurt out, "I'm sorry. It- It just came out. I wasn't trying to be mean, please don't tell me you are dating her again..." I bit my lip and continued, "After all she did to you?"   "No we are just friends," He said. He sat down next to me. I sighed. It was so hard trying to hold back my feelings for him. I could never stay mad at him for very long. "I'm sorry. She just surprised me."   He nodded and smiled. Almost too soon, we started talking about our day. It was the issue with Danielle never happened. It was always amazing to me how quickly we could go from being mad at each other to totally cool the next.   "You should try on all those clothes on for us like a fashion show Emily," Harry smirked, being Harry.   I rolled my eyes. "You know how much I hate doing that type of stuff," I glared at him. I knew once that he had suggested that, all the boys would give in.   "Come on, it's just us," Niall said as the other boys just nodded their heads.   "Ugh, fine" I said. The boys clapped. "See little sis, you can never say no to us," Liam said. My smiled vanished. That was all he thought of me? A little sister? I blinked back tears and getting up, I grabbed my bags and went into the bathroom. I sniffed and bit my lip. I looked at myself in the mirror. I was just plain old Emily, nothing fancy about me. He would never see me as more than a little sister.   "What are you doing in there?" Harry asked, after knocking.   "I don't know why they want me to try on any of these clothes. Most of these are just shirts and jeans", I said.   "Put on your favorite outfit then," he said. I looked through my clothes and found my favorite outfit. It was a purple dress shirt with skinny jeans and flats. I put it on and then I walked out.   They had put music on. The song playing was Want You Back by Cher Lloyd. They knew I hated that song bat they picked it any ways. I rolled my eyes but they, being themselves, were saying random things making me laugh. I continued to do this until I had no more clothes. I passed out on the couch, taking a deep breath.    __________________        "Emily, wake up!" A familiar voice rang through my ears.   "Liam, its two in the morning. What do you want?" I asked, rubbing the sleep out of my eyes.   "Sorry, but I need your help." He sounded a tad bit upset.   "Okay, what is it?" I stood straight up.   "Well...I met this girl at a concert and she was beautiful. I talked to her and got her number but I couldn't do anything at that time, since I was with Danielle...But now that I'm not, I wanna tell her I really like her," He said.   "Okay, then tell her," I said trying not to scream my feelings for him. 'I love you, I love you, I love you,' I wanted to say but I kept my mouth shut.   "That's the problem! I don't know what to say," He said, putting his arms up.   "Just tell her how you feel. Anybody would fall for you... You're Liam freaking Payne," I replied, trying to give him a hint that I was totally in love with him.   "Yeah, but I'm still scared." He looked at the floor. I guess he didn't get the hint or if he did, he ignored it.   "Just do what I told you and you will be fine," I said trying to make him leave so I could cry because he was going to be taken again by some girl who was probably ten times prettier and better than me.   "Okay, I'm going to tell her now I think she is still awake" He got up and left. I buried my head in the pillow and cried. Now all of my dreams of us being together were officially ruined.
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