I Wish To Roam

I wish to roam with you to places unknown. Where we have never been before.


1. I Want To Roam

I wish to roam with you

To places unknown

Live in the wild

Hear your call


Find colors melting

With dreams to show

For away in a village

Where the cool air blows


The fires of love

Our dreams come true

The world is beautiful

Let's enjoy the flowers


While the sun shines on

The sky is bright

The butterflies are out

The air is crisp


For us the pathways are lit

Someone is waiting there

To shower us with love

Life is the time


No tears will be shed

No heart will be broken

There will be pearls along the way

Our hearts will listen


No more burdens for us

They have been lifted

We will run and play

Like the children in the sea


There will be a garden

Of happiness and pleasure

Like you have never known

I will show you how much I care


I wish to roam with you

In the mist of the sea

Where we can be alone

And oh so free


Our bonds are strong

Our love is true

I belong with you

Our hearts beat on

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