truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


13. you did it!

Victoria's POV

a while before I went home, I found out Perrie is Zayn's girlfriend, I wasnt mad or anything its just I liked him a lot, Jay has been texting me lots talking about it and I beg her to stop, like im best friends with Perrie so why does she even need to say anything about it? I moved on, so I just ask about the whole Harry situation, we get each other mad but its funny than we'll talk about something random.

the day I was leaving it was so sad, I didnt want to leave again, its like we are always leaving each other or seeing each other like in a few weeks or something i dont remember, they're coming home to Ireland and the boys are performing and home for a break after that. but we work through it. we werent really happy the day i left, shed a few tears and thats really it but Jay is also still mad over a few months but she was warned and so was Harry and you cant blame her if it was his fault he cheated and I still dont know why he cheated, like come on she is beautiful, talented, sweet, kind, funny, mature but immature,smart, she's everything people could ever want in a person..

*flash back*

today was the day I'm leaving, we were all sad but in the same time happy except Harry and Niall, Niall was obviously sad because he loves me and Harry is sad because Jay wont for give him, but I always think whenever I see him 'why, why did you do it?' and he keeps trying to appologize but it doesnt work, she just says 'you did it' and 'not my fault you  did it' and shit like that. Jaida is happy with Liam and he should know he cant just break them up or think that she will come crawling back, she knows what she does and is very smart of her every move from that point on..anyways lets get back to the point where im packing to leave....

"I'm gonna miss you lots, you know that right?" she says handing me more of my clothes to put in my suitcase. "of course I know that and I'm going to miss you too" I say pulling her into a hug, we finished packing my clothes and off to the airport we went..

my flight was leaving in 15 minutes so we were saying our goodbyes and see you soon's, I hugged Jaida first (obvi) saying ' I am literally going to miss you so much' while we hug, then I hugged Niall an told him to look at me right before I leave to the plane, next was Zayn and I just said bye, really..Louis next, saying 'hate, you just motivate!' to each other, its a catch phrase we say all the time to each other and then said our goodbyes, last but not least, was Harry, I didnt even give him a hug when his arms were going out to hug me, I just said bye and walked back to Jaida and gave her one last hug, both of us tearing up. I walk to the entrance to where the plane is and looked over to Niall and he was watching, I took out a peice of paper and held it out to his view, he saw it and I winked and continued walking.. it said ' I LOVE YOU NIALLER'  and has a mark from my lips kissing it with my bright red lipstick. when he saw it, I knew he was speechless, I got on my phone and texted him

To: Nialler '<3 check your back left pocket of your jeans;)'

From: Nialler: 'checked it, It is very true and I kissed it;)'

To: Nialler: ' good job, see you soon, gotta go'

and that was our conversation, the one I kept reading over and over again, the paper in his pocket was the same writing like on mine but instead it was ' I LOVE YOU TORIA'  (its what he calls me and so does Jay but no one else. it also had a spot where it said ' kiss here!' and an arrow pointed to a blank spot, on the back it wrote ' I know you always loved me and I'm sorry but I love someone and it is the third word in the beginning of this sentence' meaning 1- I 2- know 3- you ...

I got on the plane and we got into the air and I looked out the window and listened to Take Me Home....I will sure miss mostly everyone there.

*end of flashback*

reminding me of the memory, I got my phone out and started listening to Take Me Home and smiled at the thought of I was going to see them very soon..



Jaida's POV

I was lisening to Take Me Home's Little Things and cried at Harry's solo's, I was balling right after it said 'but, your perfect to me..' "am I not perfect enough for you?! I guess Im not!" I started screaming at a picture of Harry on my phone. I looked into my tall mirror and told myself "your perfect to me, and it doesnt matter what other people say about you" I yanked my headphones out of my phone right after Liam came running into my room "you alright there love? I heard screaming." "yeah I'm perfectly fine" I said going in to hug Liam. we walked downstairs holding hands where we got stopped right at the bottom by Harry and asked to speak with me alone, I denied and continued walking with Liam, Harry grabbed my arm this time and said somthing I wasnt listening though, because I'm not forgiving him, every day the words repeat in my head and know they werent true 'I hate to see you cry' and 'Id never hurt you' Im just like 'you sure? you sure you wont hurt me? cuz you know I dont really think you cared if i cried or not either'    I heard the last part of what he said and it was " and I cant just stop the tape and rewind" "cheesy, but its not my fault you did it..YOUR DECISION WAS BASED UPON THAT" I spat at him, I tugged my arm away and left him there with his head now on his arm against the wall.

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