truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


4. Truth or Dare

Harry's POV

yeah, i lied to Niall but he's so protective! idk why but he wont let anyone date her. I walk away from Niall as he signals me 'im watching you' face and I just grabbed Jayde's hand and we go to the living room and sit on the couch right next to each other, holding hands and Niall could see. I love her and no one can make me stop! heh Sorry mate but your gonna have to deal with it. Jaida leans her head on my shoulder and I can tell she doesnt care if NIall saw and she knows what she's doing so Niall can back off and chill.

Louis interrupted my thoughts and of course, "LETS PLAY TRUTH OR DARE!!" you see, if you know Louis, its his favorite game mostly everyone knows that but everyone says yes to make him happy he went first and asked Me truth or dare and i said dare just to make him happy because he loves dare my dare was to hug and kiss one of the boys and when i mean kiss i mean on the cheek dont worry im not gay;) and i obviously run over to him and hug him tight and kiss him on the cheek he whispers in my ear 'i love you Hazza' i whisper back to him 'i love you too boobear' and i go and sit back down. as Niall wasnt looking i kissed my babe on the cheek quickly. I love her with all my heart, well some is for my family to.

its been about half an hour since we've been playing truth or dare and ive had a few turns and right as I said i was going to eat lunch Zayn said "Harry, truth or dare" i say dare because i just hope its interesting and he says "I dare you to kiss Jay Jay on the lips!" I looked at Niall and he wasnt there thank god, we all know he was probably making a huge sandwich and i do as he said and kissed her and it lasted until Niall walked in eating his sandwich and his jaw dropped and he dropped his sandwich and came over to me and grabbed my arm pulling me upstairs. Of course I know hes going to start yelling at me but i dont care i love her and he cant do anythingg!! "HARRY WHAT DO YOU THINK YOU WERE DOING?!!!" "it was a dare!" "are you dating her?!" "ummm...yeah"

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