truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


1. My morning.

Jaida's POV

" Jayde...Jayde....JAIDA" Niall screams waking me up.  " What do you want Niall?!" I scream as I see Niall and Louis standing there. " we're out of food!" "Niall I went grocery shopping yesterday and filled the fridge!" " I know but its all gone!" he says as I get up to go check the fridge as its still 3 quarters full.

"Niall! its not even close to empty!" "I know, We just didnt want to cook anything and so, you can!" he says chuckling. " ugh, fine i'll make some chocolate chip pancakes." I say, going to get the ingrediants. Harry and Liam come running in. " I heard chocolate!" " i heard pancakes!" they yell. " yes guys, im making chocolate chip pancakes." I say as they scream and jump up and down.

Harry looks so cute with the smile on his face as he jumped up and down with Liam, you see I've had a..crush on Harry and I have ever since I met him. I remember the day Niall introduced me to the boys like it was yesterday.


"Jaida, I want you to meet Liam, Zayn, Louis and Harry" Niall said to me, i gave them all hugs and once i reached Harry our eyes were attached and i gave him a hug too and he said to me with his beautiful accent, " nice to finally meet you, love" I said back with my thick Irish accent " I agree." then Louis said to me, " Wow your just like Niall! the accents, blonde hair, and beautiful ocean blue eyes! "Aw, thanks man!" Niall said in return " No dummy I meant the eyes part for Jaida!" " oh well your just jealous my baby sister is prettier than you!" as they argue I started talking to the boys and after that day I knew Harry was the one.


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