truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


6. My life

" NO NIALL.. GO AWAY" im so not in the mood right now I cant even explain it. "Jaida, you know I love you" "thats because we're related!" of course he loves me, who wouldnt? but he needs to go. "Jaida come on let me in and we'll talk!" "but I dont want to talk to you! I just need some time alone right now go away" I dont hear any footsteps, obviously he didnt leave "babe can I come in?" I hear Harry say, knowing he's not related and he really cares. "yeah, AND ONLY HARRY" I get up and walk to the door and unlock it to let him in and as he comes in I still see Niall stand there, I stare at him with my ocean blue eyes and he gives me puppy dog look because he knows i give up when he does it, "no Niall, its not gonna work this time.." he turns at walks away with his head down and I head back into my room and sit next to Harry and cuddle up with him sobbing. "Would you like to tell me why he's so protective and why he wont let you decide on dating decisions?" he asked somewhat wrried but confused. "you see, I dated this guys and I thought I loved him lots and then he abused me but Niall came running to us and he knocked him out.. the next day he saw that he was cheating on me, well because he was making out with another girl and Niall was being a gentlemen I'd say, and he went up to him and got mad and made a huge fuss about it and was saying how he had an amazing girlfriend as he pointed at me and he didnt care and was just about to continue when i ran up and said he was the worst boyfriend ever and I broke up with him, I didnt date anyone for a while but then I dated another guy and he...well, raped me and Niall wouldnt let me date since unless he knew what the boy was like and everything so thats why he's so protective for me and we both dont want me to get hurt anymore." I say leaning back into Harry's chest then crying again. "Oh..I dont know what to say besides, how dare they, I'd never want to see you hurt and when your with me I'll never hurt you, it kills me when I see you cry too. I love you Jaida" he's so caring and loving to me and im glad he's my boyfriend"

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