truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


11. I'm sorry, please forgive me?

Jaida's POV

Harry is standing at my no apologies Harry after what he did to me! "What are you doing here?! I told you never to come here ever again!" "I'm sorry, please forgive me?" H said with his very sorry eyes. "YOU THINK I'D FORGIVE YOU JUST LIKE THAT?!" I took the flowers threw them on the ground and stomped on them very hard."thats what you did to my heart.." I said with tears forming in my eyes. I slammed the door shut before he could say anything and run over to the boys, Liam jumped up and ran towards me as he was sitting on the couch watching fifa with Lou and Zayn "'s alright...shh, calm down" Liam said, trying to comfort me. he brought me to the couch and I sat on his lap. I fell asleep in Liam's arms.

I woke up to Ele, Perrie and Vik. "thank god your awake!" Ele said "yeah, you snore so loud I heard it from upstairs!" Vik said. "OMG, how embarrassing!" I said shocked "Just kidding I just wanted to see how you would react" Vik replied. "Lets get changed and get our faces on" Perrie said with a wink. and by 'our faces on' she means our makeup and like my conta-SHIT I slept with them in! I jump off the couch and run upstairs, take them out, rinse them with the stuff for it and put them back in. "Why did you run upstairs so quickly?" Ele asked, she looked at the counter and saw my awesome sunglasses contact case and realized why. "oohh" she said nodding her head.

we got dressed and got our 'faces' on and when we got downstairs, the boys were playing 'football' and than I realized something....there was more than 4 boys....Harry. he saw me and I turned around and went back into the house and plopped myself on the couch with my face in my hands. someone ran in, but I didnt look up to whoever it was. he sat next to me and I wiped my face and looked up to see Liam. "you okay there?" he said with a serious face. "actually no.." I said. we stared at each other for a while until Liam said "I never actually noticed how blue and beautiful, your eyes are.." "I never really noticed how chocolatey your eyes look" I said than giggled.

we walked back outside and Harry stood there, "look Jaida, im really sorry can you please forgive me?" he said grabbing my hand, "Harry you need to know that I am never going to forgive you after you cheated on me, I should have listened to Niall" I said pulling my arm away "but it wasnt what it looked like!" he said "oh REALLY, was it your mom, no sister no, just a friend, no a girlfriend, ring a ding i think so me? hmm no I was home busy crying into Liams shoulder because he actually cares about me..while my EX was kissing some slut." I say hugging Liam.

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