truly madly deeply

Jaida is caught is a love triangle as well as her twin brother Niall is so protective for her. truly madly deeply shes in love with his best mate Harry and another best mate has feelings for her? also her best friend from back home instantly falls in love with one of the boys. read and find out
hope u like my story! btw its my first fanfic


8. Friends forever

Jaida's POV

after everything yesterday I remembered that Vik was coming to stay with us today, yay! i miss her lots and it's gonna be great to see her beautiful smile when were around each other, an hour till we go to the airport to pick her up, just Niall and I, because she doesnt know the others yet and she hasent seen us in more less..forever and Niall had a little crush on her before we moved and you never know, maybe he still does;) anyways I cleaned up my room a bit tidier and since I have a big bed we'll share, omg I cant stop smiling, even Harry kept asking me if I was okay because i didnt stop smiling the whole morning, only me and Niall know, its a surprise to the rest of the boys. "Niall, we ready to go yet?" " I am, your not" he says giggling. I look down and I bet he was referring to my pajamas "hold that thought" I say running upstairs to get changed, I almost forgot, my pjs are so comfortable and there my favorite, they have ducks on them, haha. anyways I dont know what to wear...FOUND IT! I'm gonna wear the dress we bought together the week before I came to England. I slip it on, put my contacts in and put a little mascara and then looked at myself and put my soft curly blonde hair over my shoulder and then smile. I stood there for a bit than ran downstairs. "Wow" Harry says eyeing me, Louis whistled looking at me from the couch. "why so dressy?" Harry smirked walking over and kissed my cheek "Is it too dressy? I bought it with V..nevermind." "what? its not to dressy its, you look beautiful." "Thanks" I said blushing. "NIALL LETS GO!" he ran out of the kitchen with a sandwich "Niall enough sandwiches we got to go" he shoves the sandwich in his mouth and grabs his keys and out the door we were to the get my best friend... im so excited.


we got to the airport and there were, not even kidding, fans standing outside of the airport, how did they know we were going to be here? no one said a thing or maybe Vik did mentioning me and Niall...who knows. It was crazy! we took a few pictures with the fans and I was in a lot, maybe even more than Niall ;) i was looking through the crowd and spotted her. I ran towards her and she put her things down when she saw me. we started crying and she said "I missed you so much!" she said inbetween taking breaths from crying and i said "I missed you so much too!" crying hugging each other so tight we probably would have broke each other if it werent for Niall stepping in and saying "hate to burst your bubble but I would like a hug to." "Yes, of course" Vik said, still tears coming out of our eyes. Niall started crying when they hugged, he missed her lots to its been around 2 maybe 3 years since we've seen her, cant blame us! "alright lets get back!" I say, I wanted to get out of here before I start to cry again..memories came to my head of me leaving to go to England we were so sad but then the good memories came of just now when we saw each other.   we were driving back to our house and of course, we were talking the whole way. I went inside right after Niall and told Vik to wait and when I went inside Harry saw me and said "oh my god have you been crying  whats wrong? your eyes are puffy and red!" coming to give me a hug "yeah I was but it was tears of happiness not sadness dont worry" I say hugging him back. All the boys came into the doorway where we were standing "boys I want you to meet someone" I said as they were confused of what I had just said, I went outside and brought Vik in and Louis' and Zayn's mouth dropped "heeey sexy lady!" Louis says referring to Victoria as she stands and blushes. "Hi, I'm Liam" Liam says holding out his hand. "Your gonna greet me like that?" she says laughing going in for a hug. she hugged the rest of the boys and I saw that she held Zayn the longest. I grabbed her wrist and brought her with me upstairs with Niall taking her stuff upstairs right behind us. "Niall just put her stuff on my bed" he does as I say and then leaves the room. she looks around my room and looks back at me and we noticed that we were both wearing the dresses we bought, you know the week I was talking about. we both had the same dress but hers is baby pink and mine is baby blue its short and flowey, and its strapless,(link at the bottom) the top part has black to. it doesn't fall constantly either only a few times or if you do pull it down. she broke the silence of us looking at each other and said "gorgeous as always" "thats what you think, have you looked at yourself?!" I say bringing her to my tall mirror leaning against the wall next to my bed. "your right I am pretty, but not as much as you" she says, looking at me in the mirror "oh so we're gonna go through this again are we?!" I say arguing. we used to always say to each other that we were beautiful than we'd argue back and forth saying 'no your way prettier' and such. our personalities are quite the same, like we're twins, the only thing thats different is our hair and eyes but thats it.

we unpack her stuff in the dresser right next to mine (it was my old one but its still cute, its plain tall black) we head back downstairs and sit down on the couch, me next to my Hazza and she sat down in between Niall and Zayn.,r:0,s:117,i:143&biw=1344&bih=581



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