What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


10. Mum?!

Niall's POV

I was about to take Becky back to my house when I noticed she had stopped at my front door and was turned around. She was staring at some very familiar looking woman. I didnt know it was until she mumbled 'mum?' I thought her mum was dead! I walked around her so she was facing me and looked straight into her eyes.

N: Bec, I thought you mum was........gone

B: I thought so too but that woman across the street is her! My mum! She's alive!

N: Bec, I don't think she is your.......

Before I could even finish the sentence she was running over the road when a car came shooting at her and she just managed to avoid it. 'Oh my god! Becky!' I screamed in shock before me and who we thought was Becky's mum (Sandra) ran up to Bec. I gave her a hug to check if she was alright

N: Bec, are you okay?

B: Yes I am, Nialler.

S: Are you alright?

B: Mum? Is that you?

S: Yes, it is.

B: I thought you were dead!

S: That's what you were supposed to think. It was a way to get away from your father.

B: Oh

S: Talking of him why aren't you with him at this moment?

B: I ran away from him because he kept abusing me and I ran to Niall.

S: Oh right. That's understandable.

B: Mum, how are you doing?

S: Good, I have a new husband and a baby.

B: Who's the husband?

S: He's right behind you.


Becky turned around and saw someone she didn't want to see. Her violent ex-boyfriend, Jack

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