What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


12. Help Me!

Becky's POV

I walked over to the window to see where the scream came from.


B: Who was that screaming across the road?

N: I don't know but I think it's best we don't go and look.

B: Why?

N: Because it could've been anyone and we don't even know why they screamed

B: It's 10pm so I'm gonna go to sleep.

N: I'm going to bed too. Goodnight Bec. I love you.

B: Night Nialler. I love you too.


Then we kissed and went to bed.


Jack's POV

I knew that Becky would run to Niall Horan because he is what caused us to break up in the first place. I want to kill him and then Becky shall be mine...forever! It was 1am and I crept into the house Becky was in and silently crept up the stairs towards the room Becky was in. I got the room right Becky was there fast asleep. As soon as I picked he up she woke up.

B: Jack?

J: Yes?


J: No you are mine and stay quiet.



I guess Niall is a very light sleeper because he came sprinting into the room.


N: Becky, what's wrong? Jack!

J: Let Becky come with me or she will die!

N: Do not hurt my girlfriend.

J: She's a very insecure girl

N: That's what makes her beautiful.

J: Goodbye

B: Niall, help me please!


No-one's POV

N: He will kill you if I do. Becky, I love you too much to see you die.

B: Niall I love you too but....


Then Niall lunged at Jack but Jack had a knife and cut Niall in the stomach. Niall fell to the floor and cried in pain.



J: Goodbye Horan.

B: I love you, Nialler. Please just stay strong.

N: Bec, I love you too. Wherever you get taken to I'll find you. I promise!


Then Jack carried Becky over to where the scream came from. Jack made someone scream! He pushed Becky against the wall, tied her up and placed the knife over next to another blood-soaked knife. That's when Becky noticed her mum on the floor with a cut in her chest where her heart is. Becky's mum is well and truely dead...

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