What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


21. Escaping Taylor

Niall's POV

N: Taylor, why did you kidnap us?

T: I have to get to Harry somehow

N: Ok...

B: You're insane!

N: Bec...

T: Since Miss Big Mouth here said that you won't be able to leave


I then spotted a set of scissors in Taylor's pocket and as soon as Becky spotted them she started talking to Taylor to distract while I wriggled my arm out of the rope, took them from Taylor and cut myself free. I then pushed Taylor to the floor, cut Bec free and we sprinted out the door. When we got out we saw Harry was sat in his car. What? How?


N: How did you find us?

H: Us?

B: As in Niall and me

H: Becky! I thought you were um dead

B: Long Story

N: Which we don't have time to hear because Taylor's coming!


Then we hopped into Harry's car and we zoomed off to Harry's house. We slept there since it was late at night. When we got to his house Bec was fast asleep so me and Harry carried her up to his double bed and then Harry told me he was sleeping on the sofa so I could sleep in the bed with Becky because it would be awkward since him and Becky dated and he wanted me and Becky to sleep in the same bed so I lay down, put my arms around Becky's tiny waist, I noticed that Bec wrinkled her nose when she slept, and whispered I love you in her ear before I drifted off to sleep.

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