What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


18. Becky's Final Days

Niall's POV

I am so worried about Becky's cancer. She told me about it in high school. These past five days have been really nice for me and she seems to have enjoyed them. Becky hasn't been able to get out of bed today so I've been doing whatever she has asked all morning. She still has a full head of hair eventhough she had cheamotherapy when she was younger.


N: Becky, I'm taking you to hospital right now

B: Why? I'm fine

N: You can't stand because your legs are too weak


Before she could answer I phoned an ambulance and she was whisked off to hospital with me beside her holding her hand the whole time. We were seperated at the hospital and when I was finally allowed to see her about an hour later the doctor told me that I had brought her in just in time and that I had to say goodbye. I literally ran into Becky's room and held her hand.


N: Bec, Eventhough we will be seperated soon I just want you to know that I love you and you'll always be in my heart

B: Goodbye Nialler


Then I kissed her and as soon as I pulled away a beeping sound filled the room. Bec was gone. I sobbed on her corpses chest when I felt an arm comforting me and through the tears on my face I looked up and saw my girl. Becky but now shes angel.


N: Oh my god! Bec!

B: Nialler, I don't have long but I just wanted to say I love you too and don't forget about me

N: I'll never forget about you, Bec, you were my first love


Then I ran over to the window where Bec was stood but before I got there a blinding light filled the room so I collapsed to my knees and shouted up to the heavens 'BECKY ANDREWS I LOVE YOU AND I'LL NEVER FORGET ABOUT YOU' then I just sobbed until I felt an arm around me hoping it was Becky again I turned around still sobbing but it was Harry then Harry whispered 'Niall, You'll feel better soon' I didn't think I would so I turned back around and sobbed on my knees with my face looking at the sky. 

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