What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


23. Becky's Birthday

Niall's POV

Today is Becky's birthday and we're having a birthday meal for her. Becky's upstairs glamming herself up and I'm downstairs waiting for our guests. Pacing up and down in the hall waiting for the bell. *DING DONG* There we go. I opened the door and there stood Harry and some girl I had never even seen before.


N: Harry who's this?

D: I'm Darlene


Then she pushed past me. Okay then. I grabbed Harry's arm and pulled him into the living room so Darlene couldn't hear us.


N: You didn't tell me you were bringing a guest!

H: I thought you wouldn't mind

N: I just don't like the fact you brought a stranger into my house


Then I heard Becky shout my name so I ran to find her.


B: Niall, who's this?

N: Her name is Darlene.

B: Who is she though?

N: Harry brought her

D: Who are you?

N: This is my girlfriend, Becky

D: Do I look like I care?

B: Well you asked.


Then I went to answer the door and we all sat down to dinner.


Becky's POV

I really don't like that Darlene girl. She's rude and gobby. We are all sat down to my birthday dinner.


B: Darlene, can you please pass me the mash potatoes?

D: Can't you reach?

B: Please pass me the potatoes

D: Would you like me to help you eat them too?

B: No please just pass me the ___


Before I could finsh my sentence she had thrown a handful of mashed potatos at me and they had hit me in the face.


B: Get out of my house

D: I don't want to



Then Niall grabbed Darlene's arm and pushed her towards the front door while I ran up the stairs to the bathroom to clean myself up. When I came out the bathroom and got to the top of the stairs I hated what I saw. I burst into tears and ran into my bedroom. Why did that happen?

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