What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


3. Becky, stop!

Harry's POV

I think my shirt suits Becky  and she is amazingly perfect.

A: Becky, can you tell me more of why you ran away?

B: My dad.....


Becky ran out of the kitchen sobbing her eyes out.


H: MUM! What was that about?! She only ran away yesterday so she won't want to talk about it.

A: Boy! Chill!

H: Chill? You didn't just say chill!


I ran up to Becky's room to try and cheer her up. I knocked on the door and entered. She was sat in the dark and she had a knife! What was she doing?! Oh my god! She's cutting herself!


H: Becky! Please stop!

B: No-one loves me!

H: Loads of people love you.


I took the knife off her and took her to the bathroom for the first aid kit


H: Especially me

B: What?!

H: I said I love you.

B: Oh god! You love me?

H: Yeah. I love you.

B: You only met me yesterday.

H: Actually we met in Primary School

B: What?!

H: I played Barney when we did a play called Barney.

B: Oh my god! I remember you now! I used to have a really big crush on you. Oops!

H: You had a crush on me? You had a crush on me. You had a crush on me.

B: Shut up.

H: Why should I?

B: Because I said so.

H: Anyway for what it's worth I had a major crush on you too.

B: Oh god!

H: What?! Are you hurt other then the cuts?

B: No. I just realised something.

H: What is it?

B: I love you too

H: Really?

B: Yes, really. If you want me to prove it then.....


She grabbed hold of the shirt I was wearing and kissed me.

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