What Makes You Beautiful

Becky is completely alone when she runs away from home to a place her mum used to take her before she died that they only knew about so when Becky finds another person there what does she do? Find out inside this movella about friendship, love and abuse.


4. Becky and Niall

Harry's POV

I just kissed Becky. She's so cute. We only stopped because the doorbell rang and I had to get it. I had invited the rest of the band around so they could meet Becky. I called her to come downstairs.

H: Becky, this is Louis,

LT: Hi

H: Liam,

LP: Hello

H: Zayn,

Z: Vas Happenin?

H: And Niall

N: I'm hungry.


N: Oh sorry, hi

B: Hello

LT: How do you know Becky?

H: Becky, can I tell them?

B: Yes, go ahead but I'm leaving the room


Then she left so I told them the whole story including the kiss of how I met her.


H: I told her I loved her

LT: I love my girl, Eleanor

H: We know that Louis. You constantly remind us.

N: Becky and I have actually already met because she moved to Mullingar for a bit after primary school

H: No way!

N: Yes and she was my best friend. We have been emailing all the time since she left Ireland.

Z: That is so awesome!


Niall's POV

N: Why is Becky crying? Don't tell me shes doing it again!

H: What?

N: She used to harm herself in high school

H: She still does that.

N: Yes but she has been in hospital because of that!


I ran up the stairs into the room where I could hear Becky's whimpering. Oh no! She is doing it again!


N: Becky, please don't do that.

B: Why shouldn't I?

N: I was your best friend in high school and we have been emailing ever since

B: Oh! I remember you now! Niall, I am so happy to see you.


She gave me a big hug, I took the knife off her and luckily she hadn't actually cut herself.


N: Becky, I know everything. You told me all of it when we were best friends.

B: I did?

N: You did. Look into my eyes and you can see I am telling the truth.


She looked into my eyes and kissed me. Oh no! She kissed me! Harry will kill me!


B: I remember now. You were my first kiss.

N: You shouldn't have kissed me

B: Why not?

N: Bec, Harry loves you

B: I know that. I was just caught in the moment, sorry.

N: Come on. Harry will be worried about you.


She grabbed hold of  my hand and I took her into the living room where Harry was. He wasn't alone either. He was making out with some blonde girl.



H: What?

B: I don't believe you!

H: Why?

B: You were kissing some other girl! You told me you loved me then you kiss her!


Then she ran out the front door. I quickly gave Harry a death glare then ran after her. Where would she run to? I know the park waterfall where her mum used to take her.



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