A different Christmas

17 year-old Emily Wood and Hailey Derryl are best friends. They go at the same school, Woodrow Wilson High School, and spend most of their time together, but one day it all changes. At December 14, two mysterious guys named Jasper and Sean starts at the school. As they do, many people disappear. How will Emily and Hailey react by all of the things going on? And who are the two guys exactly?


1. In the middle of nowhere

It was dark, really dark. I wasn’t able to see anything, but my ears… could hear everything. A little snowflake fell on my check and melted immediately. The weather was so cold, that my legs and toes were like frozen ice crème on a wooden stick. I pushed my hands down along my body, just to make sure; there were no signs of difference on my clothes. Only a little spider constantly tried to reach the top of my arm, but without luck. I could feel it, because a mini skirt, thin, long-sleeved shirt and some dirty shoes were the only clothes I was wearing right now.

As usually I had my new blackberry with me, my father Sebastian gave me on my 17th birthday, lying nicely in my tiny pocket, ready for using. I called my mother Amy... biip-biip…biip-biip. What?! I looked at my screen and read the non-accepted words: Error- no signal. You gotta be kidding me. That did just not happen right now!

Suddenly, a circle-round, shiny light came out of nowhere. It became bigger and bigger. A voice behind me yelled: “Hey! Watch out!” Before I could even think; everything went dark, and the only thing I could feel, was a seriously big headache.

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