My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


23. Chapter Twenty-Two

I am very terribly sorry that i havent updated in like a year but ive been busy (yeah, busy procrastinating) and I haven't thought of anything to put in my story sorry :( 
Lets just catch you guys up a bit:
So Sarah, Julia, and Emma all went back to England after their little vacation in America (Rachel and Luna stayed and got jobs and other stuff).
Zayn and Sarah are still together
Niall and Julia and still engaged and are working on their wedding
Louis and Emma are still in a complicated space.
Liam and Harry are still happy bachelors
The boys are currently on their "where we are tour"           
Okay back to the story!!!
Oh and big thanks for 5 Seconds of summer for their song amnesia that got me out of my writer's block.

Sarah's POV 
I somehow got all of the boys together at my place. I had some important stuff to tell them so we all gathered in the living room
"Okay guys I just wanted to say that I'm pretty sure that me inviting all of you guys to America seemed pretty good at the time but when we were all there it ended up being pretty bad"
Everyone nodded in agreement
"So I was wondering if we could put all of the shit that happened there behind us. I mean everything like all of the friendships that were ruined there I mean it would be amazing if we could just start over in a new clean slate. Can we agree on that?" I asked.
Everyone nodded in agreement
"Cool, now go about ya bidness" I said.
Everybody went around to talk to various people. I saw Louis take Emma's hand and pull her over to a little corner of the room 'he will never give up on her' I thought. I think it's sweet how he's so persistent.
Louis' POV 
After Sarah's talk I had to talk to Emma I need her back, and I know I messed up and she's mad but everybody makes mistakes and everybody deserves a second chance right?
"Louis, don't you realize that every time we have this little tall that it never goes your way. Look I know that you like me and all but I'm just not in the mood for a boyfriend right now and-"
I kissed her, I couldn't help myself she is just so beautiful and I need her to know how I feel about her. She kissed back.
I pulled back "You kissed back?!"
She looked at the ground.
"Now look me in the eyes and tell me that you didn't feel anything."
I put my finger under her chin to make her look me in the eyes. 
She sighed "look I can't tell I don't feel something because I do but I can't trust you. The amount of times you've hurt me is too many to count and that isn't supposed to happen, a boyfriend is supposed to protect his girlfriend  from being hurt, he's isn't supposed to do the hurting." 
I can't tell her that isn't true, I have hurt a number of times.
"But think of the amazing times we had together think of the fun and the scary movies where I thought I could protect you and you ended up protected me" I said
She stifled a small laugh.
"See? That's the smiley crazy Emma I used to know and love. What happened?"
"To be honest, you" she replied.
"Well maybe I can fix you up the same way I tore you down? Please Emma I need you in my life will you please give me one more chance?"
" I don't know Louis..."
" I didn't want to do this Emma but you leave me no choice..." I got on two knees and put my hands together "Emma Olson will you please for the love of God please pretty please take me back???" 
She pondered for a while.
I grabbed her legs and shook them a bit "please please please please please please please please please please"
"If I say yes will you stop embarrassing me?" 
I nodded.
"Cool" I kissed her on the cheek, satisfied.
Sarah's POV
It felt kind of weird without Luna and Rachel  in the flat but we coped 
The only problem was that we couldn't keep up with the rent prices, the prices in London are to dawn high.
We needed another roommate, someone who has a job. Time to start roommate hunting.

So since I got a job as a journalist for a small newspaper company in London, I could manage to get an ad in the paper that read "three amazing young adults looking for a roommate! If you are looking for an apartment look no furthe!  Contact (insert my number and email address here) 

We got a response within four days it was from this girl Omisha who works at a vinal store downtown. She was perfect!

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