My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


22. Chapter Twenty-one

Zayn´s POV

I was srolling down my twitter feed, following some fans when i heard a loud piercing scream, it had to be Sarah. I looked up and I saw Sarah on the ground, on the verge of crying, clutching her ankle, all the guys started to crowd around her.

I stood up and ran as fast as i could over to her.

I kneeled down next to her. "Are you okay?"

She shook her head, a tear rolled down her cheek."It hurts so bad." SHe whispered.

"Can you move it?" I asked.

She tried and winced in pain."No."

"Okay, we should take you to a hospital."

We helped her up and she wrapped her arms around me and Liam. He kept saying sorry to her, I never knew what actually happened. Niall ran ahead to go get the car from like four blocks away. Sarah was hopping helplessly when Niall finally caught up to us. We carefully placed her in the car, her foot resting on my lap, while Liam drove as fast as he could considering the speed limit.

When we got the the hospital, the nurses brought her to a room and put her on bed and they said wait till the doctor comes.

I gave the nurse all of her personal information, you know her name, allergies (there's a lot), blood type all that ish.

When the doctor came in the room Sarah had to explain what happened.

"So we were playing basketball and I went for a layup, then Liam," She gestured to Liam in a chair across the room. "blocked my shot and kind of knocked me down, and when I landed, it was an awkward landing and I heard a crack and then I felt a lot of pain." The doctor nodded like she understood.

"Okay, so lets just get a quick x-ray so we see the problem.

She took Sarah off in a wheelchair to the x-ray room.

After a while she came back and put the pictures on this board that glowed white. You  could see her bone had a clear break, this was one huge fracture if not a break, there was a thick line in between one of her bones.

Just looking at it made me wince, I can't imagine the pain Sarah must be in right now.

"So does she need surgery?" I asked.

"No, since the bone piece haven't moved all she needs is a cast and some crutches. She'll need regular check in to see how the bone is doing." The doctor explained.

I nodded and they took Sarah off again to get her cast.

She came back with a bulky white cast and she was hopping with crutches.

"If it starts to itch try not to do anything but if it is bad find a long stick or ruler but refrain from going near your injured area."

"And how long do I have to have this thing for?" Sarah asked, referring to her cast.

"Well, we'll have to change it every two weeks but if all goes well, no longer than eight weeks, plus about a month or two of physical therapy."

"Basketball practice doesn't start till November, so I'll still be in physical therapy then, which is fine because I can walk through things with the girls."

I nodded. "So can we take her home?" I asked.

"Yes, she is good to go, you can pay at the front desk."

"Okay thank you."

We headed towards the front desk, I went for my wallet, but Liam beat me to it.

"I can't let  guys pay for my things, Liam I'll pay you back when we get back to my apartment."

"Nope, I won't tale it, it's my fault that you're in this cast, I'm paying."

He paid the lady and we all walked (well Sarah crutched) out of the emergency room and into the car. When we got back to her apartment everyone was up.

Sarah's POV

The pain wasn't as bad now.

When i got home everyone was awake and everyone gasped and asked what happened.

"Louis! You said you called everyone and told them what happened?!" I said

"I forgot."

I rolled my eyes at him.

A/N Sry for the short chapter... kinda had a bit of writers block, sry....

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