My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


4. Chapter Three


Harry’s Point Of View

            When the lads and I walked into the ice cream store, I saw the most beautiful girl I have ever seen. After they introduced themselves, I knew that her name was Larissa. I knew that we would be perfect for each other. I just hoped she wouldn’t be one of annoying girls who only like you for your money, or because she wants the fame or anything like that. When the guys and the girls took separate cars I was sad that I dint get to know more about her, Oh well, I'll just hang out with her in the rink. I told myself.

Louis’ Point Of View

            I walked in the ice cream parlour and saw the most beautiful girl I've ever seen. She was petite with her short, skinny body structure. Her name was Leah, even her name was beautiful. Stop that! You have a girlfriend!

Zayn's Point Of View

            I was so happy to see Sarah again, it felt like we proved to the world that long-distance relationships can work. Well, for us at least, not so much for Harry and Rachel… and Liam and Luna, but for the rest of the lads, yeah it worked out pretty well. Sarah and I rented our skates and stepped out onto the rink. Honestly she made me look so lame! She was a pro at this and I was barely standing up. She helped me learn how to skate and soon, I was almost close to a pro. Then I challenge her, big mistake. The challenge went like this: whoever finished five laps first won. She ahead by about a full lap. Then she bumped into some one and fell down, I took my chance and sped ahead of her. When I looked back to see her face, she was simply talking to the boy as if they knew each other. It’s probably just an old friend. I told myself. Then he helped her up and they hugged. THEY HUGGED! That when the jealousy started inside me. After I won (take that Sarah!) she skated over to me. I tried to act chill.

            “Who was that?” I asked.

            “Who? Oh Jeremy? He's just an old friend.” She explained.

            “Cool,” I checked my watch, it read quarter past six. “I'm hungry, you wanna grab something to eat?” I asked her.

            “Sure, race you there!” she answered and bolted off.

Sarah's Point Of View

            I was like a full lap ahead of Zayn and I was liking it! Then BAM! I bumped smack dap into someone. I fell to the wooden floor with a THUD! Mow my butt hurt.

            “Oh sorry! My bad!”  I heard a person say in a voice that seemed very familiar to me. I looked up to a very friendly face that I knew. “Jeremy?” I saw Zayn zip past me in the corner of my eye.

            He looked at me “Sarah?!”

            “Oh my god! Hey! What’s up?” I asked my best guy friend since like forever.

            “Nothing, just been chilling after I went to Princeton.” He told me.

            “Cool, we should hang out sometime.” I told him.

            “Sure, maybe we could go to the beach or something.”

            “Yeah, here's my number, call me and we can make plans. I gotta go, bye!” I handed him a little piece of paper with my number on and skated towards Zayn.

            He suggested that we grab some food and I raced him there, I won! I ordered some nachos and a Dr. Pepper because I wasn’t that hungry and he ordered a burger, fries, and a coke. We talked about anything and everything when the power went out. I immediately got closer to him.

            “You're afraid of the dark?” he asked me.

            “Yeah, a little, you?”


            “Well that’s comforting.”

            “Don’t worry, I'll protect you.” He wrapped his arm around me and kissed me.

            This was it, my dream. A romantic kiss in the dark. It was magic! This might sound weird but now I could see my whole future with him (weird because I can't see anything right now). I could see us getting married, and starting a family, all that stuff.

            Soon the lights came back on and I eased up a little. Then Jeremy came with his arm wrapped around yet another old friend.

            I stood up. “Channa!” I gave her a huge hug.

            She hugged me back, very tightly. “Ugh! Are you trying to hug me or squeeze the llife out of me?” I asked her.

            She pulled back. “Oh sorry, I'm just so super excited to see you again!” she said very quickly and in a very hyper-like way.

            I chuckled “You honestly haven’t changed a bit! You are still you're normal, hyper, mental, crazy self! It’s so good to see you!”

            That’s when she noticed Zayn. “So who's this?”

            “Oh! Channa, Jeremy, this is Zayn, my boyfriend. Zayn, this is Channa and Jeremy.”

            Channa's eyes almost bulged out of her head. “Zayn? As in Zayn Malik? As in Zayn Malik from One freakin’ Direction?” she squealed.

            Zayn chuckled “Yeah, that’s me.” It’s nice to meet you Channa.” He got up and shook her hand I could just hear what was going through her mind:

            Oh my god! I just touched freakin’ Zayn Malik! I am never washing this hand again! EEEEEEP! Ugh Sarah is so lucky! I wanna date a sexy British boy in a band too! But I have Jeremy and he's really nice too… yeah, so not the same.

            Channa and Jeremy joined us at the table and I sat next to Channa while Jeremy and Zayn got to know each other.

            “So are you and Jeremy dating or something?” I asked her.

            “NO! He just had his arm around me for no good reason!” she oozed sarcasm.

            “So how long have you guys been dating?”

            “Actually not long, just two weeks.” She explained

            I was updated on all the gossip going on with my friends and learned all I needed to to be in the know these days.

            “Hey! I have a great idea! How about we double date? We could go to the beach!”

            “Yeah! I like that idea! So I'll call you guys and we can make a plan?” I suggested.

            “Yeah!” Jeremy said

            “Awesome!” Channa said

            “Sounds good to me.” Zayn added

            “Okay so I'll see you guys later?”

            “Yeah bye!” Channa and Jeremy said together

            I went straight home and crashed on my bed.

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