My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


17. Chapter Sixteen


Hey peoples! OMG! I got 1k reads! and 2k on Zayn's Little Princess! So happy! So in this book my dates are all messed up so just ignore the dates because they will not match up, plus also ignore the fact that the boys have been in one town for about a month.  So yeah... BACK TO THE STORY!

Sarah's POV

After about three days of recovery, the doctor gave Emma some anti-depressants and we all headed back to the US. As soon as we got back, Emma packed up and headed for rehab (it was funny because apparently she sang Rehab by Amy Winehouse the whole way.) After the whole Emma business blew over it was hectic, well at least for me.


I got home and there was a letter for me. Inside was a picture of cartoon Zayn and I kissing. I smiled Under that it read "I miss those days don't you? Please Sarah, I still love you."


I smiled and I realized that I wasn't the same without Zayn, he was my other half, he took my shyness and threw it out the window, he really helped me break out of my shell. Okay, well at least crack it because I still had loads of stage fright. But I did still love him and I know that if I let him go, I may not find a guy like him ever again.

I heard rustling outside the door. I opened it, knowing it was Zayn, he pulled me closer by the waist and looked straight into my eyes. He bit his lip while looking at mine. Then his eyes drifted back to mine, he lightly grabbed my face, leaned in and kissed me passionately. (A/N: I swear that would drive m crazy, especially since I've never had my first kiss... :/ To all you guys reading this, which I assume is like two, if you do this to a girl, she will most likely go crazy for you! ;) Back to the story!)

Then I whispered "I did miss those days, and now I don't have to." I pulled back, smiling.

Zayn smiled back. The he leaned in one more time, and kissed me with even more passion if that was possible.



After I told everyone that Zayn and I were back together things got hectic. For some reason, everyone came to me for all their problems.

First I get a call from Louis:

 "Sarah what should I do about Emma I love her and she doesn't even care about me anymore, I mean she's with George Shelley, what's all that about? Is she just dating him to make me jealous? I've tried everything and nothing works. Help me please!"


Then I get texts from Emma saying:

Can you tell Louis to stay the hell away from me! I mean he's like a stalker! Does he not understand that I am dating George Shelley and I am not interested in him!



Then Julia Skypes me all like:

Sarah I need help I'm with Max and I'm petty sure he's cheating on me but im not sure and if I ask him and he's not he'll think I don't trust him (but im not sure if I trust him) but if idont ask and he is cheating on me i'll be heartbroken. And I know Niall still likes me and I'm not sure I like him back or if I can trust him in a relationship anymore... HELP!!!!!!!


Then Luna comes over:

Okay, Miles and I broke up and now I just want Liam back but he's with that Zoe girl and that's not fair because I loved him first - Loved You First, teehee -  and I'm not sure if he even loves her I mean Zoe doesn't even like One Direction! Like WTF?!?!?! How can you date a singer when you don't even like his music? Do something!


Then a few days ago basically everyone came over at like midnight complaining and fighting and I was like "You know what? I don't have to take this! I'm going to bed! Goodnight and have a nice life!" I shut the door (after I kinda sorta showed them the finger...) and went to bed.


I mean when did I become the dating therapist? Then when I answer the questions and its not what they want to hear, they yell at me because I'm "wrong"


And that went on forever! I couldn't take it, everyone yelling at me and bothering me, I mean I barely had anytime alone with Zayn and we just got back together.

Then I realized, I don't have to take this. I pulled out my suitcase and started to pack. Then I heard the opening and closing of the front door and I assumed it was Larissa. Then Zayn walked into my room, his smile soon became a frown.

"Why are you packing? Where are you going?"

"Home." I sighed.

"But you are home." he said, walking over to me and hugged me from behind, and kissed my neck.

I turned around and kissed him. "I meant Joburg."

"As in Johannesburg? As in South Africa?"

I laughed. "No, Johannesburg, China!" I said sarcastically. "I can't take all of this. Everyone keeps coming to me with their problems and I tell them to stop but they just won't and I just need to get away from all of this. Plus I haven't seen my friends back in South Africa in a while and I want to see them." I told Zayn.

Zayn sighed. "Fine, I won't hold you back but I will say that I'll miss you lots." he said and kissed my cheek.

"I'll miss you too, and if you were a really good boyfriend, you'd help me pack." I suggested.

He did as I insisted and helped me pack my things. We finished packing around eleven and I was getting hungry.

I sat down on the couch and my stomach growled. "Hey Zayn, do you wanna get something to eat?"

"Sure, what do you want?"

"I could order pizza."


I picked up my iPhone and dialed the pizza place and ordered a medium cheese pizza and two medium cokes. Zayn sat down next to me and we watched The Big Bang Theory. Once the show finished up, Zayn went to pick up the pizza. I just sat on the couch and watched the following episode.

My iPhone pinged and I noticed Zayn had texted me. They were the lyrics from Summer Love. I smiled. After like 45 minutes he showed up.

"What took you so long? The pizza place is like five minutes away."

"I had to stop back at my place." he replied.

"For what?"

"To pack

"A surprise. Now go pack an overnight bag."


"No questions, its a surprise, now go pack!"

"Okay." I said suspiciously.

I finished up packing (a bathing suit, something fancy, something casual, and what I was wearing on the plane, as Zayn requested) and I walked back into the common area where Zayn had put two slices of pizza on a plate and handed me a glass of Dr. Pepper. We walked over to the couch and started to eat while watching an episode on Psych, one of my fave TV shows. A commercial came on and I asked Zayn:

"Are you gonna tell me why I had to pack?" 

"DO you really think I would let you go without doing something special for you? I mean c'mon, Sarah, I may not be the best boyfriend, but I do have a heart!"

"Hey, you are the best boyfriend a girl could ever have," I leaned over and kissed his cheek. "But your still not gonna tell me huh? Fine, I guess I'll just have to wait like everyone else."

Zayn nodded and I took the last bite of my first slice, and washed it down with a swig of soda.



Hey guys! Im sure you guys all want to yell at me cuz I haven't updated in like six months but ive been busy! So if you havent noticed I deleted my Niall and Harry fanfics, cuz i couldnt think of anything good to write about and im pretty sure if i cant maintain one fanfic, i certainly cannot manage three! So yeah...

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