My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


7. Chapter Six

Larissa's Point Of View

It was the day of the concert and I had to pick out the perfect outfit. Finally, I settled on this:

It took me forever to get all the bracelets on but I did.

Sarah's voice rang through the apartment. "Larissa come one! We are going to be late! Let's go!"

"Coming!" I yelled back.

I grabbed my purse, and caught up to her in the hall. We got in her red buggy and drove off. The clock in the car read five thirty when we left. The concert only started at seven and it only took a half an hour to get there but we wanted to wish the boys luck, plus there will probably be traffic. We got there around six and went straight for backstage. The  boys were standing around, warming up, all that stuff. Zayn was the first to look up.

"Vas happenin?" we all broke out in laughter.

Sarah's Point Of View

"Vas happenin?" Zayn asked.

We all eventually stopped laughing and I told him nothing much and gave him a peck on the cheek.

"Are you excited?" I asked him.

"Yeah, how does it feel going to your second concert?" he asked me.

"What are you talking about? Before the first 1D concert I had been to Jutin Bieber concerts Nicki Minaj, Chris Brown, all that stuff."

"What? You told me when I gave you the tickets in London that that was your first concert!"

I shook my head. "No, that was my first One Direction concert." I explained.

"Ooooh. Okay, cool." he put his arm around me.

Paul came into the room. "You're on in five guys." he warned.

"Well we gotta find our seats so good luck guys!" I said as Larissa and I walked out to find our seats.

We eventually found our seats and we got our cameras ready to savor the moment. Soon the guys came and Liam started:

Hey girl I'm waiting on ya, I'm waiting on ya.

Come on and let me seek you out...

They went on with the awesome songs and soon the concert was oevr and the last words of the song were sung.

'Cause everything you do is magic,

But everything you do is magic!

We screamed our heads off and after about ten minutes, we walked to the backstage. I ran into Zayn's arms. I gave him a quick kiss on the lips.I pulled away from his embrace and faced the rest of the guys.

"You guys rocked! Nice job!" I hugged each of them.

"Thanks Sarah, you guys are awesome fans!" Liam replied.

We all went back to my apartment for dinner and a movie. The pizza guy delivered the pizza as Larissa popped the popcorn and Niall put the movie in. The movie had just started and Zayn's arm was around me, like the old days. Then I heard a knock at the door, I rolled my eyes and got up to see who it was. I opened the door to see Julia, Emma, Rachel, and Luna.

"Vas happenin?" Julia said.

I could just imagine Zayn's hurt face in the TV room. "Hey! What's up? Come on in, the more the merrier!  The, guys, Larissa, and I were about to watch a movie."

The girls walked in and joined the guys. It must have been awkward for Rachel, Luna, Liam, Harry, maybe even Larissa becuase she kind of stole Harry from Rachel.

Son the movie was over and everyone had left me and Larissa to clean up the slight mess. Once we were finished, I changed into my pjs, hopped into my bed and the last thing I saw was the ceiling.

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