My Bradford Bad Boy

Sarah's back! But when she moves back to America and sees all her old friends, will she fall for her old crush? Will he fall for her? What will happen to her relationship with Zayn? Will another band get involved? Read to find out!


6. Chapter Five

Larissa's Point Of View

I was making popcorn for a movie when Sarah came inside, slamming the door behind her.

"What happenned?" I asked.

She ignored my question, I knew better than to confront her, she would tell me in her own time. I shrugged it off and started my movie.

I was like halfway through the movie when my phone buzzed. It was Harry.


hey wats up?


nm watchin a movie, u?


i was wonderin if u were busy 2moro?


no, my plans r:



watch tv


kwl, do u wanna go c a movie or something?


I had to look at my phone like ten times to make sure I read it right.


like a date or something


yea i guess


ok wat r we gonna see?


I dunno, we could watch house at the end of the street.


ok, sounds like a plan to me.


ok so ill pick u at carvels at 1?


kwl c ya then!




I stood up on the couch and silently screamed for like ten minutes. Harry Styles just asked me out! Aaaaah!


I woke up on the couch, just as I was last night. I checked my watch, it read 12:00. Shit! I'm gonna be late! I thought.

I took a shower, blowed dried my hair, curled it and went into my room. I slipped on this outfit:

I ran out the door becuase I was ten minutes late. I hopped in the elevator and tapped my foot impatiently while inside. I ran outside and bolted for Carvels. When I got there, Harry was sitting at a table. He stood when he saw me.

I caught my breath. "Oh my god Harry, I am so sorry I'm late! I slept in and then I had to get ready..." I kept rambling on and on about my morning.

He gave me a kiss. "It's okay!"

"Well that's a really nice way to tell me to shut up." I blushed.

"You look amazing! I especially love the necklace!" He referred to my infinite directioner necklace I bought from claire's.


"Shall we go?"

"We shall." I slipped my arm in his and we walked to the movie theater about a block away.

Harry paid for the tickets and we bought some pocorn and two pepsis. We walked into cinema seven and sat down. As the previews showed I learned more and more about him. Soon the movie started. He did the whole yawn-then-put-his-arm-around-you move and soon we were snuggling. I would dig my head into his chest at all the scary parts and he would chuckle slightly at how much of a scardy-cat I was. Soon the movie was over and I had been scarred for life, that movie was so damn scary!

I got home love struck. I was so overwhelmed. It took a while to realise that I had just gone out with the one, the only Harry Styles! I just lied on the couch, sighing.

Sarah's Point Of View

I knew that what Perrie had said wasn't true but I had always wondered what he was doing when we weren't talking. I realised I was turning into one of those girlfriends who is always on your case. I mean my boyfriend is a freakin' celebrity! Obviously he's bussy. Right? Anyways I was giong to pick out what I was going to wear tomorrow for the concert. I picked out this:

I heard a knock at the door. I trudged to the door. I opened it to see some very fimiliar faces.

"Oh my god! Julia, Emma, Rachel, Luna, what are you guys doing here?" I hugged each one of them tightly.

"We thought we stop by and see how you've been. How you been?" she chuckled.

"Good, I'll tell you all about it once you guys come inside." I brought them inside and they sat on the couch.

"Hey who are these people?" Larissa asked, confused.

"Oh! Larissa, this is Julia, Juju, or cupcake, Emma, or M&M, Rachel, or Ray Ray, and Luna or looney tunes. Guys this is Larissa or Larissa, she doesn't really have a nickname." We did the whole meet and greet thing.

"So, I had an encounter with Perrie the other day, but I handled it like a boss so t's all good. Got a new job, that's pretty much it, I think Harry has a new girlfriend though." I said, making Larissa blush. I could see that Rachel was hurting inside.

Emma checked her watch. "Shit! We got to go but I'll call you. Come on guys! Bye Sarah nice meeting you Larissa!"


Rachel's Point Of View

When I heard that Larissa was dating Harry my heart broke into little bits and pieces. Even though I broke upwith him there's still that feeling in the pit of my stomach that I want him back. Oh well I'll live, I hope.

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